JMP Clinical software from SAS simplifies data discovery, analysis and reporting for clinical trials, bringing greater efficiency, accuracy and ease of use to studies of safety and efficacy data.

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Product Details

The software combines the power of SAS® Analytics with the graphical flexibility of JMP, the longstanding tool of choice of medical reviewers at the US Food and Drug Administration. Its visual paradigm makes it easy for medical monitors, medical writers and biostatisticians to see and explore trends and outliers.

Designed in collaboration with medical officers, JMP Clinical provides workflows, templates and reporting tools customized for medical reviewers, medical monitors, medical writers, biostatisticians and data managers.

Clinicians without programming experience or statistical training can generate clinically relevant results. Advanced analysts enjoy effortless access to the statistical analysis options and code behind the graphics – a benefit not found in similar software tools.

By generating configurable patient profiles and patient narratives, JMP Clinical helps medical monitors and medical writers trim the time-consuming process of creating a Clinical Study Report.

A hallmark of JMP Clinical is its fluidity of movement between results for the entire trial and those for specific subjects via multifaceted drill-down and swim-up capabilities.

JMP Clinical uses CDISC-formatted data, the globally recognized standard for clinical analysis and reporting. JMP Clinical automatically recognizes CDISC domains and the user defined domains that follows CDSIC standard so it organizes the review process, working behind the scenes to automate the analytics and reporting, allowing you more time to interpret and understand the results.

JMP Clinical now supports the SEND data model as well, allowing study directors and toxicologists to utilize the same standard visualization and analysis for pre-clinical (non-clinical) studies. Spontaneously reported adverse events are collected by regulatory agencies, pharmaceutical companies and device manufacturers to monitor the safety of a product once it reaches the market.

JMP Clinical software is an efficiency tool to study the pre-clinical trial, clinical trial and the drug post-market data.


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