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SASCA (Simple and Secure Case App) allows you to take pictures with minimal interaction on your mobile device, merge the pictures into an archive and let you store them either into another app or upload it to a Webservice through MicroVPN. As SASCA runs within an encrypted container it even allows your users to create confidential content on a mobile device owned by the user or a corporate device allowed to be used personally.

SASCA purposes to provide an easy to use interface to take pictures. With the integration of other applications and Webservices these photos can be post processed within the datacenter and therefore complex workflows can be implemented. Together with Citrix ADC and Web-SSO SASCA allows user authentication to common Identity Providers. Our reference service "SASCAWeb" allows the authentication against a Microsoft Active Directory and stores the user's created photo-archive onto a cifs-share.

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Compatible with

  • Endpoint Management Service
  • MDX Toolkit 19.11.5
  • MDX Toolkit 19.11.6
  • MDX Toolkit 19.9.5
  • XenMobile Server 10.10
  • XenMobile Server 10.11


  • Citrix Endpoint Management (XenMobile)


  • Create picture with 2 clicks (take picture, use picture)
  • Create an ZIP archive
  • Save it into another app or upload via REST
  • Together with Citrix XenMobile content will never leave the secure areas of the mobile device
  • Supports SSO within WebSSO Tunnel through Citrix ADC