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ScienceLogic EM7

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ScienceLogic EM7 is a next generation IT Monitoring Software for IT.

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Compatible with

  • XenServer 6.5


  • Citrix Hypervisor (XenServer)

Product Details

ScienceLogic’s solution is an all-in-one IT monitoring software product, comprehensive and complete in a single, unified platform. Unlike some companies, ScienceLogic does not sell a la carte, piecemeal selections. To help understand the many powerful components of their solution, they have broken out descriptions of features and capabilities that other companies call (and sell) as individual products:

  • Application Monitoring - Keep Your Business-critical and Mission-critical Applications Always Available and Running at Peak Performance
  • Network Monitoring - Monitor Device Health, Availability and Performance with Real-time Network Management Views and Topology Maps
  • Server Monitoring - Automate Intelligent Monitoring of Physical and Virtual Servers and Operating Systems
  • Service Monitoring - Monitor and Manage Service Levels Across All Your IT Operations


  • Application Monitoring - holistic monitoring of all your applications, using a variety of methods to collect detailed application metrics.
  • Network Monitoring - consolidated end-to-end monitoring for all your heterogeneous network devices, with automated device information collection.
  • Server Monitoring - visual monitoring of all the physical and virtual servers running on your network, identified by server make, model, manufacturer, etc.
  • Service Monitoring - comprehensive monitoring of performance, availability, and risk of specific components, as well as any combination of IT resources as an overall service.