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  • Citrix Hypervisor (XenServer)

Product Details

DBackup is enterprise-level security software that integrates data backup & disaster recovery and high availability all in one. It has built a backup cloud and features multi-tenancy and coordinates local and on-cloud data to deliver better protection. Data such as OSs, databases, applications, files and virtual machines of enterprises can be well protected and restored completely, accurately and instantly in case of a disaster, minimizing economic loss.

DBackup supports data backup including full backup, differential backup, incremental backup, log backup, synthetic backup, etc. Users can customize backup strategies for different types of data based on the usage of information resources in the enterprise production environment.

DBackup supports data recovery including full recovery such as OS and database, as well as recovery for a specific file, mail or table. Enterprises can perform recovery for question files and achieve the rapid recovery of business operation.

DBackup supports data disaster recovery including off-site disaster recovery, CDP (Continuous Data Protection), zero data loss and data synchronization. It can build a comprehensive data disaster recovery program for enterprises.

DBackup Integrates shared storage HA with mirroring HA to ensure HA data protection in different operating environments; Integrates CDP solution to achieve the overall protection of business system and data.

DBackup has received ISCCC by China Information Security Certification Center, complies with relevant Chinese legal requirements, is currently one of the few nationally certified data backup products.


Basic functions

  • Enterprise-level heterogeneous file protection
  • Enterprise-level heterogeneous database protection
  • Protection of office applications
  • Protection of major OSs
  • A complete solution for virtualization platforms


  • Hot backup of MySQL database
  • NDMP backup
  • Quick backup of massive small files
  • Highly utilized storage pools
  • Hot backup of Informix database
  • CLRP (Continuous Log Real-time Protection)
  • Recovery of a single Exchange mail
  • D2T (Disk to Tape) direct storage
  • Security-enhanced backup and recovery
  • Instant recovery of Windows system

Data disaster recovery

  • HA clusters
  • CDP
  • Zero data loss
  • Off-site disaster recovery

Data management

  • Synthetic backup
  • High-density data compression
  • Accurate data deduplication
  • External verification for file backup sets
  • Periodical disaster recovery drills for databases
  • Customizable speed control
  • Data encryption
  • Cloud storage gateway

OAM management

  • BaaS (Backup as a Service)
  • Multi-user access control
  • Data transmission under poor network conditions
  • Supports major external storage devices
  • Supports backup via LAN-Free network
  • Multiple backup and recovery methods
  • Multiple storage modes and functions
  • Customizable backup strategies
  • Distributed multi-level management and unified monitoring