Octopus Passwordless MFA

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Secret Double Octopus's Passwordless MFA gives Citrix users a seamless and highly secure authentication experience while eliminating credential-based threats and minimizing employee downtime and support needs.

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Product Details

The Octopus Passwordless Enterprise platform replaces all vulnerable passwords with a password-free multi-factor authentication (MFA) solution that provides better protection, better user experience, and lower cost of ownership.

For users, this means no more recalling and entering vulnerable passwords and no more downtime when forgetting their credentials. For admins, the impact is just as beneficial, putting an end to enforcing password policies and scheduled renewals, not to mention helpdesk efforts. This innovative enterprise-ready passwordless solution is based on patented technology which ensures that the entire authentication flow is immune to Man-in-the-Middle and client-side attacks, without hampering speed and ease of use.  

To log in to Citrix Gateway or Citrix Virtual Apps & Desktops, users simply provide their username and confirm the authentication request sent to the high-assurance authentication app running their phones. No passwords need to be recalled or entered, and no vulnerable authentication data is ever communicated anywhere. Octopus Passwordless Authentication works across all business systems and applications, whether on-premise or in the cloud, and is fully compatible with any identity provider or user directory used in the domain, including on-prem Active Directory and similar solutions.


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Octopus Passwordless Enterprise offers a simple and highly secure authentication flow to access any workstation, virtual machine, service, or application within the domain. 

  • Faster login speed and better employee uptime 
  • Easy and fast user enrollment
  • High-assurance authentication based on Public-Key Cryptography & Shamir Secret Sharing 
  • AAL3-compliant authenticator app for iOS & Android devices
  • Self-service portal to minimize support needs 
  • Failproof offline authentication mode
  • Available for Windows, Mac OS, and Linux machines 
  • Supports Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) and Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP)
  • FIDO2 certified server compatible with Yubico and Feitian security keys