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SecuGen Hamster Pro 20

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SecuGen Hamster Pro 20 is an accurate, rugged, and affordable USB fingerprint reader.

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Compatible with

  • XenApp 6.0
  • XenApp 6.5
  • XenApp 7.0
  • XenApp 7.5
  • XenDesktop 7.5


  • Citrix Virtual Desktops (XenDesktop)
  • Citrix Virtual Apps (XenApp)

Product Details

SecuGen Hamster Pro 20 is an accurate, rugged, and affordable USB fingerprint reader. The high-performance, versatile readers feature advanced optical sensors engineered with patent-pending technology to give you the highest quality in fingerprint biometrics.


  • Improved security with convenience and reduced password reset requests because fingerprints act like digital passwords that cannot be lost, forgotten or stolen
  • Improved accountability by allowing users to quickly and easily prove that they are who they are with their fingerprints
  • Reliable and consistent performance for an ever-increasing number of applications designed for desktop, mobile, network, enterprise and Internet environments
  • Backed by the quality with over a decade of field use and proven performance under extreme conditions

SecuGen Hamster Pro 20 is an accurate, rugged, and affordable USB fingerprint reader.


  • Accurate, patent-pending optical USB fingerprint sensor with 500 DPI resolution
  • Auto-OnTM automatically detects a finger when placed on the reader
  • Smart CaptureTM works with dry, moist, aged, scarred, and difficult-to-scan fingers
  • Scratch, impact, corrosion, and electrostatic shock resistant glass platen
  • Ultra-compact, low profile design
  • FBI Certified for FIPS 201 (PIV) and Mobile ID FAP 20
  • Supports SecuGen, MINEX Certified, and third party algorithms
  • Supports international and U.S. biometric standards

At the heart of the Hamster Pro readers are SecuGen’s ultra-compact, next-generation fingerprint sensors with advanced features including:

  • Auto-On™ that automatically detects the presence of a finger when placed on the reader for quick and easy authentication
  • Smart Capture™ that captures high quality fingerprints from dry, moist, aged, scarred and difficultto-scan fingers for greater accuracy and reliability
  • High durability and ruggedness with proven resistance to electrostatic shock, impact, drops, scratches, extreme temperatures, humidity, and contaminants such as sweat, dirt, and oil
  • Patent-pending optical technologies for clear, accurate imaging with high contrast, high signal-tonoise ratio, and low distortion
  • Reliable performance even under challenging conditions and tough environments
  • Rejection of false fingerprints such as latent prints and 2-D fingerprint images such as photocopies
  • Fingerprint data protection with templates that cannot be used to reconstruct fingerprint images
  • Greater sensor-to-sensor consistency for high accuracy when matching fingerprints enrolled with different fingerprint readers at different locations
  • Ease of integration into many types of applications using a wide offering of free Software Developer Kits
  • Multi-Device Connectivity™ that allows multiple fingerprint readers to be connected to one computer at the same time
  • Device Recognition™ that uses a programmable internal serial number to identify and differentiate multiple fingerprint readers.