SecurEnvoy Ltd

SecurEnvoy Ltd (Part of the Shearwater Group) provide a solid and reliable tokenless solution for two factor (2FA) authentication that's easy to use, manage and deploy.

As the original inventors of tokenless authentication, we continue to design innovative solutions like Soft Token Push and NFC Authentication, that take advantage of the mobile phone or other personal device as the "something you own" part of 2 factor authentication and resolve issues that have prevented adoption such as SMS delays, limited phone signal or synchronisation problems.

SecurEnvoy employ a secure and distributed two part seed record, with one part generated locally on the server and the other generated from key characteristics on the client's device. Ensuring the security of the 2FA solution cannot be compromised through an attack or data breach.

Supporting both on-premise and cloud hosted services (AaaS) with flexible/cost affective licencing and REST API interface, Citrix customers and Service Providers (CSP) are selecting to use the power of SecurEnvoy as their chosen Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) solution.

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