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EPSON Universal Print Driver

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Multi-language common driver for Epson’s business inkjet and laser devices.

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Compatible with

  • Universal Print Server 7.9
  • XenApp 7.9
  • XenDesktop 7.9


  • Citrix Virtual Desktops (XenDesktop)
  • Citrix Virtual Apps (XenApp)
  • Universal Print Server

Product Details

Tested driver version: 2.66

The EPSON Universal Print Driver is a multi-language common driver for use with Epson’s business inkjet and laser devices – suitable for Citrix and thin client environments. It provides for common print requirements, limitations on functionality may apply depending on product.

The EPSON Universal Print Driver can be used for the following models with the following languages.

Supported models (as of July, 2016):
AL-C2800, AL-C300DN, AL-C300N, AL-C3900, AL-C500, AL-C9200, AL-C9300, AL-CX37, AL-M2000, AL-M200DN, AL-M200DW, AL-M2010, AL-M2300, AL-M2310, AL-M2400, AL-M2410, AL-M300, AL-M400, AL-M4000, AL-M7000, AL-M7100DN, AL-M8000, AL-M8100DN, AL-M8200DN, AL-MX20, AL-MX200DNF, AL-MX200DWF, AL-MX21, AL-MX300, AcuLaser C2900, AcuLaser C3800, AcuLaser C3800N, AcuLaser C4200, AcuLaser CX29, ET-4550 Series, L655 Series, WF-100 Series, WF-2510 Series, WF-2520 Series, WF-2530 Series, WF-2540 Series, WF-2630 Series, WF-2650 Series, WF-2660 Series, WF-3010 Series, WF-3520 Series, WF-3530 Series, WF-3540 Series, WF-3620 Series, WF-3640 Series, WF-4630 Series, WF-4640 Series, WF-5110 Series, WF-5190 Series, WF-5620 Series, WF-5690 Series, WF-6090 Series, WF-6530 Series, WF-6590 Series, WF-7010 Series, WF-7011 Series, WF-7012 Series, WF-7015 Series, WF7018 Series, WF-7110 Series, WF-7510 Series, WF-7511 Series, WF-7515 Series, WF-7520 Series, WF-7521 Series, WF-7525 Series, WF-7610 Series, WF-7620 Series, WF-8010 Series, WF-8090 Series, WF-8510 Series, WF-8590 Series, WF-M1030 Series, WF-M1560 Series, WF-M5190 Series, WF-M5690 Series, WF-R4640 Series, WF-R5190 Series, WF-R5690 Series, WF-R8590 Series, WP-4010 Series, WP-4011 Series, WP-4015 Series, WP-4020 Series, WP-4022 Series, WP-4023 Series, WP-4025 Series, WP-4090 Series, WP-4091 Series, WP-4092 Series, WP-4095 Series, WP-4511 Series, WP-4515 Series, WP-4520 Series, WP-4521 Series, WP-4525 Series, WP-4530 Series, WP-4531 Series, WP-4532 Series, WP-4533 Series, WP-4535 Series, WP-4540 Series, WP-4545 Series, WP-4590 Series, WP-4592 Series, WP-4595 Series, WP-M4011 Series, WP-M4015 Series, WP-M4095 Series, WP-M4521 Series, WP-M4525 Series, WP-M4595 Series

Supported languages:
English, French, Dutch, Swedish, Czech, Danish, German, Spanish, Italian, Hungarian, Polish, Portuguese, Finnish, Turkish, Greek, Norwegian, Bulgarian, Croatian, Estonian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Macedonian, Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Slovenian, Arabic, Catalan, Slovak, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Thai, Ukrainian, Chinese (Simplified).