Session Guardian protects your critical assets with continuous identity verification. The technology ensures second-by-second identity verification of your user, from log on to log off.

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Product Details

Trust but continuously verify the person accessing critical data in your Citrix infrastructure
Continuous identity verification software continuously ensures the user in front of the screen is the intended authorized viewer.

Minimize your exposure to risk of data leakage
Prevent damage to the stability and security of your IT environment by ensuring that only authorized individuals can access their user accounts.

Seamlessly integrate customized security protocols.
Upgrade your security without a time-consuming or expensive overhaul of your existing infrastructure—we’ll integrate a solution that complements your workflow.

Mitigate both insider and outsider threats.
Our multi-layer technology increases your security posture far beyond what MFA alone can offer, improving your protection against breach risks, legal liability, and damaged reputation.

Integrate into your Citrix Virtual Desktop environment
Our product can seamlessly and quickly integrate into your Citrix VDI.

Simplify compliance and audits.
Easily generate activity reports and audit trails to ensure critical regulatory compliance.


  1. Continuous Identity Verification
  2. ‘Shoulder Surfing’ Prevention 
  3. Screenshot and Screenshare Prevention
  4. Smartphone Detection and Prevention
  5. Third-party Identity Document Verification
  6. VPN Detection 
  7. Anti-Virus Confirmation
  8. Geo-Fencing
  9. Watermarks
  10. Custom Application Controls


  • Minimize OPEX
    • Work from anywhere
  • Maximize data integrity and security
    • Continuously verifying user accessing data
  • Protect employees
    • Even the most well-intentioned people are capable of oversights that could put confidential data at risk. Provide them the ability to continuously protect the company data.
  • Comply with worldwide Privacy Regulations
    • Data stays on-site while accessed by continuously verified users.