Shenzhen PowerLeader Computer System

PowerLeader Computer, taking the provision of Intel IA PowerLeader architecture of the PowerLeader server and the corresponding solutions as the main business. PowerLeader server focuses on independent innovation and provides such business and services including the complete machine system, universal server products, storage server, high density computing server, high performance cluster (HPC), storage products, industrial server products, minicomputer, solution based on server industry, application software, Internet solution and large-scale system development, through the favorable combination of software and hardware, together with application solutions, it becomes a provider of constructing infrastructure architecture of PowerLeader cloud.

PowerLeader server pays attention to market research and demand to provide tailor-made server products and solutions for customers and help enterprises to get higher returns with less investment. Its plan takes upgrade-friendly as the premise, and easy integration, deployment, management and usage as the foundation, efficient solving IT problem and facilitating enterprise to ease with business challenge as the purpose, and has such characteristics as high performance with good reputation and popularity in the government, Internet, education, radio and television, security, finance, telecommunications, taxation, transportation, power, medical care and other industries.

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