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PR2710R Powerleader is the latest company offering as 2 u server products

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Compatible with

  • XenServer 6.0
  • XenServer 6.0.2


  • Citrix Hypervisor (XenServer)

Product Details

PR2710R is the Intel high-performance chipsets, support Intel E5-2600 series processor, this model maximum memory capacity of 512 gb, support and block hot plug 3.5 inches of hard disk, and agile extended half tall half long PCI - E equipment.

The design of the high level of integration in the limited space in bring strong performance enough to support the operation of the key tasks, and meet the resource intensive application need, satisfy the customers every kind of customized demands. PR2710R provides advanced management functions and storage technology, has a good scalability and high availability.


PR2710R Powerleader is the latest company offering as 2 u server products


Application environment

Network service providers

  • PR2710R applies to the network game, mail and information processing, Web search, database, ERP, CRM, business Intelligence, large-scale virtualization and large node calculation technology.
  • Optimization frame, 2 u shape, help user to large-scale cluster solutions for rapid deployment and efficient maintenance.

Growth data center

  • PR2710R performance than the last generation product promotion to 80%, and have better energy efficiency.

Cloud computing solutions

  • Through improve security, eliminate the I/O bottleneck, optimization of the density and performance, and provide reliable virtual resources, solve the data
  • Explosive growth of storage challenge for private cloud, public cloud and hybrid cloud with the most outstanding and reliable solution party Case.

High performance

  • Maximum support 2 star eight nuclear Intel ® xeon ® E5-2600 series processor, may provide the powerful computation ability, help The user to deal with the calculation of heavy pressure.
  • Support Intel ®, frequency acceleration technology 2.0, Intel ® senior vector extension instruction set (Intel ® AVX)
  • Data direct transmission technology (DDIO) can be a quick data from a storage device direct transmission to the cache.
  • 16 memory DIMM slot, the biggest support 512 g 1600 MHZ/DDR3.
  • To fully support SAS 6 gb: transmission speed faster, more power down and has higher reliability.
  • 6 expansion slot: 6 * PCI - E 3.0 x8, to provide agile connection options.
  • Onboard four gigabit data NIC, has the load balance, link together and support redundancy characteristics, which can effectively reduce the network delay Later, a 100 m distance management special NIC.
  • Intelligent array support, can significantly enhance the I/O performance and optional RAID 5 data protection function.

High reliability

  • Maximum support eight hot plug 3.5 "/ 2.5" hard disk. Optional a built-in 2.5 inch SATA disk/SAS disk/SSD.
  • Optional support high reliability RAID5, improve the data processing performance and protect data function.
  • Using intelligent cooling system, effectively reduce the noise pollution, build housing thermostatic space; Full screen anti electromagnetic radiation, resistance to dry
  • Interference, anti-static (EMI) design.
  • Support Intel ® credible implementation technology (Intel ® TXT) for virtual and cloud environment provides reliable protection.
  • Intel ® advanced encryption standard new instruction (Intel ® AES - NI) can speed up and enhance encryption function, so as to achieve more
  • Quick, more powerful enterprise range data protection.
  • Optional support 1 + 1 full redundant power supply mode, for the safety operation of the server provides higher security.

Low power consumption

  • Support drop frequency function, can be in low load decrease when the system energy consumption.
  • According to the hot key device temperature comprehensive regulating fan speed, energy saving and reduce the noise and improve the reliability of the fan.
  • Support PDCM (node power manager), provide automation server power control, help with fewer resources to achieve more Multitasking.