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PR2765TG provides enhanced energy efficiency for HPC and cloud intelligence scale.

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Compatible with

  • XenServer 6.5


  • Citrix Hypervisor (XenServer)

Product Details

PR2765TG provides enhanced energy efficiency for HPC and cloud intelligence scale.

The PR2765TG server is a platform that supports Cloud Computing, High Performance Computing (HPC), service providers, and large scale scale-out computing servers. The server focuses on providing a scalable solution for scalable X86 servers in the data center while delivering new economic benefits to the data center in terms of server density, power consumption, and thermal optimization and total cost of ownership. PR2765TG in all areas to meet customer demand for optimizing the economic benefits of cloud data center. Due to the innovative horizontal expansion design, the PR2765TG server requires less rack space and less power consumption and heat dissipation per server than traditional rack-mounted servers. With a lower total investment, the server significantly reduces the operational costs of the data center, simpler installation, and greater computing power, resulting in considerable economic benefits.

The PR2765TG multi-node server addresses the needs of enterprise customers for greater energy efficiency, higher density, more efficient management, and lower total investment when implementing their scale-out cloud, data processing, high-performance computing, or virtualization strategies. The PR2765TG has a compact form factor that enables intelligent horizontal expansion by embedding four independent 2-way server nodes and up to 24 local storage drives in a compact 2U space; hot-swappable server nodes, power supplies, and disk drives Significantly increased availability and reduced maintenance costs; the use of shared redundant and titanium-grade efficient power supplies and centralized fan units to minimize power consumption; and the installation of four half-width server nodes in a single 2U enclosure enables the system Of the density than the standard rack-mounted servers doubled.


  • Compared to standard rack servers of the same configuration, rack space occupied by a 50% reduction. More flexibility to scale out. Improving server density per rack unit such performance can be improved (2U chassis has four servers, 8 processors, 24 disk drives, 64 DIMM).
  • Reduce energy consumption, better able to respond to limit energy and cooling as well as meet the requirements of green IT. Standard rack-mounted servers can provide the same performance at lower energy budget.
  • Easily collaborate with existing data center infrastructure across the rack reduces the total investment.
  • It can be maintained for each server individually without affecting the other nodes in the chassis.


The new compact "4 in 2U" server density
PR2765TG single 2U box machine is equipped with multi-hit four half-width server nodes and 24 dual 2.5-inch hard drive.

Shared power and cooling systems
The PR2765TG comes with a central cooling fan and two hot-swap power supplies that share a titanium grade.

Fully fit traditional data center environments
PR2765TG suitable cooling airflow design and standard 19-inch industrial rack before and after the traditional data center.

Easy to use
Hot-swappable server nodes, power supplies and disk drives to enhance usability, simple and convenient to use.

Diversify local store
PR2765TG optional SAS 3008, SAS RAID3108 (2G cache) technology, HDD or SSD with SAS or SATA interface. Built-in support for DOM.

Select the server node
Standard configuration 8DIMM, optional 16DIMM.
16DIMM Optional SAS / SAS RAID5.
Standard configuration integrated INTEL I350-T2 dual-port Gigabit, optional integrated 16DIMM Edition X540 Gigabit / 56G IB interface.