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Powerleader PR2850N server Intel ® latest ten nuclear Xeon ® E7-4800 series processors

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Compatible with

  • XenServer 6.0
  • XenServer 6.0.2


  • Citrix Hypervisor (XenServer)

Product Details

As the Internet infrastructure and data center core operation platform, four ways of server plays a decisive role. Powerleader server PR2850N Intel ® a new generation of Nehalem - EX core Intel ® ten nuclear Xeon processor ® E7-4800 series, at the same time backwards compatible eight nuclear Xeon processor ™ MP7500 series.

At the same time, further strengthen the servers RAS characteristics (reliability, availability, serviceability), provide IPMI2.0 management function, great convenience to the server management.

Powerleader PR2850N server Intel ® latest ten nuclear Xeon ® E7-4800 series processors


Excellent processing performance and powerful I/O capability

Powerleader PR2850N server Intel ® latest ten nuclear Xeon ® E7-4800 series processors, the processor than the previous 7500 series dual-core multiple server processor in performance greatly improved, and its performance improvements 1.3 times. The Intel ® designed for XEON ™ MP processor development E7500 chipset, the biggest can support 1 TB ECC REG DDR3 1333 MHZ memory, and memory Mirroring technology support. Powerleader PR2850N server provides 4 x PCI - Express * expansion slot, 2 x Gbit NIC ports, 4 x USB, 1 x VGA interface, 2 serial interface, can satisfy the customer demand various extensions.

Enhanced RAS characteristic function

Powerleader PR2850N server after system comprehensive strict test and ensure the safety and reliability of the system. ECC memory/Mirroring/hot plug function can effectively protect the correctness of the data, make sure that the server withstand high speed operation that may arise during the process of data error. Powerleader PR2850N server support SAS hard disk hot plug, chassis cooling fan used hot plug and redundancy design, the same power also USES a 1 + 1 hot plug and redundancy design, all of these are in order to satisfy users server uninterrupted operation of the application requirement for users to create more value high.

Maximum expansion ability

Powerleader PR2850N server load can support 4 star Intel ® ten nuclear Xeon ® E7-4800 series processors, 32 memory slot, maximum 1 TB ECC REG DDR3 1333 MHZ memory. Onboard based on PCI - Express SAS RAID function, support as many as 6 x 3.5 "SAS/SATA hot plug hard disk. The system to provide the four PCI - Express; slot, and meet the expansion needs.

Optimization frame type design

PR2850N Powerleader server using optimization 2 u frame type design, main part adopts modular design, chassis internal pipeline wiring system, free maintenance tools. Server chassis front panel is equipped with display interface and the USB interface, convenient use portable equipment and USB equipment system debug, diagnosis. Special machine ID light, but also high density environment indispensable right-hand man.

Server management

The IPMI2.0 management control standards, with server management software PSMS, can Telnet server see system status, the event log, etc., and whether the system is in the zone or out-of-band under state. Have event filter function, can through the Internet or mobile device to send alarm information. Integrated system status indicator, sustainable uninterrupted monitoring system state of health. Error correction way including the system automatically restart, the operating system the watchdog timer, fault elastic start, etc. Have console restructuring to function, and can automatically record system fault information to the log file. 

For a variety of solutions

2 u the fuselage height, is space limitation strict telecom, IDC/ISP/ICP/ASP, and other key business and deal with a large number of data in the field of application of the best choice. Powerleader PR2850N applicable to electronic business, large middleware application, large database application, high performance computing, computer cluster, etc, is data center construction, enterprise ERP system, customer relationship management (CRM applications such as first choice.