Singular Key, Inc.

Singular Key harnesses the power hardware-grade (HSM) security and biometrics available on devices to create strong, password free authentication solutions for enterprises. Our multi-factor authentication service minimizes the possibility of scalable phishing and man-in-the-middle attacks attributed to 80% of cyber security breaches. By combining the power of open security standards like FIDO, Web AuthN, public-key cryptography, and modern authenticators, Singular Key delivers security and convenience. Singular Key delivers modern authentication experience to your customers, partners, and employees on any application and device. Harness the power for Identity-as-a-Service (IDaaS), and deliver remarkable user experience across web, mobile, and all other channels. Accelerate digital transformation with future-proof authentication strategy provides agility to support different customer journeys and experience every time they connect, engage and transact.

Mitigate regulatory and data breach risk of harvesting device data or storing biometrics. With Singular Key, your user’s PII like biometrics always stay with them and never leave the device. Comply with emerging regulations and guidelines like GDPR, NIST, PSD2, 3DSecure, etc with decentralized authentication.

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