SmartX offers businesses "hyper-converged" and "software-defined" distributed storage products and solutions. SmartX's vision is: "Make IT Simple." With software-defined technology, SmartX builds an IT datacenter that is highly reliable, horizontally scalable, high-performance, and easy to manage on commodity x86 servers, dramatically lowering total cost of ownership and managing operational complexity. In 2016, it implemented the benchmark case of Unicom's WoW cloud. With 1200+ nodes and the deployment scale and capacity of 10 + PB, SmartX is the largest super-converged landing case in China with customers and industries Unanimously approved. In the meantime, SmartX products and solutions have been successfully commercialized in a wide range of business scenarios in a variety of industries, including finance, government agencies, manufacturing, healthcare and education. SmartX practices engineer culture and focuses on innovative projects in basic computer science and technology with high technical barriers. SmartX believes that only enterprises that can master the core technologies can change the current industrial structure and the existing world from a deeper level.

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