Squadra Technologies

Squadra is a security software company focusing on the niche of providing robust control and auditing of internal organizational data/file transfers. In the era of major data breaches organizations are reassessing their data loss prevention (“DLP”) policies. Squadra recognizes that substantial security holes exist by data leakage coming out of removable media storage devices connecting through the USB. With the above mentioned market pressures in mind, Squadra began development in 2011 of secRMM. During the subsequent two (2) years, Squadra introduced secRMM to early adopters who tested the security capabilities of the product. This allowed for further development which now certifies that secRMM can perform the policies/functions that customers require. In 2013, Squadra began to introduce secRMM to key customers for market validation and proof of concept. This led to the successful sale to key market verticals including; healthcare, banking/finance, manufacturing, mining, legal, and the Department of Defense.

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