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Storageflex has over 2 decades of experience in the manufacturing of Mass Storage Products for Unix, Intel and MacIntosh Networks. Storageflex manufactures for over 20,000 installations worldwide since 1983.

With the most flexible architecture available today, Storageflex is able to offer support for NAS, Fibre Channel and iSCSI – all at the same time. Storageflex incorporates a variety of disk, optical and tape technologies for the most flexible storage architecture possible.

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Storageflex™ 3945N RAID is the most comprehensive iSCSI and NAS Storage Subsystem. The system is designed for use in the most mission-critical fail-safe environments, but flexible enough to provide a complete spectrum of solutions.
Storageflex™ HA 3969 is Storageflex’s High Performance Fibre Channel , iSCSI & SAS Host RAID solution for mission critical Applications.
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