Stratodesk Software GmbH

Stratodesk aims at increasing flexibility and security whilst reducing costs in the companys IT infrastructure. Innovative product development and immediate response to market requirements are a top priority. Stratodesk do not only offer Thin Clients plus software, but powerful repurposing solutions increasing the functionality of the clients. With the development of a centrally controllable Management Console we aid in reducing costs and expenditure of time.

Stratodesk's software repurposing product NoTouch Desktop is completely hardware, vendor and platform agnostic and includes a powerful OS for PCs and thin client devices and the ability to manage any and all desktops from one virtual management console. NoTouch Desktop future proofs PCs at the fraction of the cost of new hardware and offers all kind of connectivity options for terminal services and VDI, increases security, eases client management and lowers the total cost of PC ownership for companies of all sizes.

Organizations of all sizes trust in Stratodesk including many companies in healthcare, manufacturing, transportation, finance as well. as schools and universities.

Stratodesk is privately held and headquartered in San Francisco, CA.

Stratodesk Europe is located in Austria, serving the European market.

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