Stratodesk is the global innovator in EUC management and OS software, increasing flexibility and security whilst reducing costs in the company's IT infrastructure. Innovative product development and immediate response to market requirements are a top priority.

Stratodesk NoTouch offers NoTouch OS – a secure, linux-based OS for your Citrix endpoints, and NoTouch Center, a cloud-ready, web-based unified endpoint management console. In addition, Stratodesk offers NoTouch GO, the official Stratodesk USB with NoTouch OS preloaded to easily enable BYOD and PC Conversion.

Stratodesk’s close and long-lasting partnership with Citrix, allows Stratodesk NoTouch to always have the latest Citrix Workspace updates with Day One Support. Additionally, the Citrix Ready workspace hub, a Raspberry Pi client, was originally developed by Stratodesk and Citrix.

Stratodesk NoTouch is completely hardware, vendor and platform agnostic and runs on x86/x64 and ARM/Raspberry Pi devices.

Stratodesk NoTouch extends the lifecycle of new and existing devices at a fraction of the cost of investing in all new hardware, while increasing security, easing client management and lowering the total cost of ownership for companies of all sizes.

Organizations in healthcare, manufacturing, transportation, finance, education, and others trust Stratodesk.

Stratodesk is privately held and headquartered in San Francisco, CA. Stratodesk Europe is located in Austria, serving the European market.

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