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NET-OTC is an easy and secure solution to provide one time code (OTP) authentication. This solution allows the IT administrators to provide two factor authentication without using external application on user’s mobile phones or hw token ID.

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Compatible with

  • NetScaler 10.0 MPX
  • NetScaler 10.0 VPX
  • NetScaler 10.1 MPX
  • NetScaler 10.1 VPX
  • NetScaler 10.5 MPX
  • NetScaler 10.5 VPX
  • NetScaler 11.0 MPX
  • NetScaler 11.0 VPX
  • NetScaler 11.1 MPX
  • NetScaler 11.1 VPX
  • NetScaler 12.0 MPX
  • NetScaler 12.0 VPX
  • NetScaler 12.1 MPX
  • NetScaler 12.1 VPX
  • NetScaler Gateway 10.1
  • NetScaler Gateway 10.5
  • NetScaler Gateway 11.0
  • NetScaler Gateway 11.1
  • NetScaler Gateway 12.0
  • NetScaler Gateway 12.1


  • Citrix ADC (NetScaler ADC)
  • Citrix Gateway (NetScaler Gateway)

Product Details

NET-OTC improves Citrix ADC, formerly NetScaler classic password based authentication with dual factor authentication. It provides an additional level of security and access control. In order to access company resources, authorized users have to provide their domain credentials and the one time code received by SMS and/or e-mail.

NET-OTC is fully integrated with Citrix Gateway, formerly Citrix NetScaler Gateway and Active Directory in order to deliver a strong authentication solution that does not require to change configurations at any side when users are created, changed or removed.