Established in 2002, T-Platforms® provides comprehensive HPC systems, software and services with customer installations.

T-Platforms is a one-stop source for companies looking for the competitive advantage of HPC technology, but lacking the resources necessary to fully adopt and embrace a supercomputing environment. The portfolio of solutions offered by T-Platforms starts with early stage analysis and documentation of user requirements, and progresses all the way to turnkey supercomputer center design. The companys A-Class and V-Class computational systems are built specifically for HPC to ensure multi-petaflops scalability.

T-Platforms HPC clusters are used for fundamental and applied research in various disciplines, including biotechnology, physics, chemistry, and mathematics, as well as many resource-consuming industrial tasks.

T-Platforms also delivers a unique added value with its ability to provide end-to-end modeling, simulation and analysis services, a level of support not available from most HPC platform suppliers. The company has deep technical talent with particular expertise in areas such as CFD, structural analysis, and other extreme computational disciplines.

T-Platforms is headquartered in Moscow (Russia) with offices in Germany and Taiwan.

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