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Product Details

Teridion’s cloud-based WAN service gives enterprises the SLA-backed WAN performance, reliability, and global reach they expect at a price point that conforms to their budgets. Teridion for Enterprise uniquely optimizes and accelerates Internet routing and transport to deliver:

  • Superior SaaS application performance
  • SLA backed, cost-effective replacement for MPLS
  • High performance access to cloud workloads across multiple cloud providers
  • Fast and highly reliable site-to-site performance
  • On-demand scalability

Teridion for Enterprise integrates with Citrix SD-WAN to extend the SD-WAN’s capabilities beyond the first mile and add end-to-end SLA-backed performance and reliability consistent with MPLS for SD-WAN customers. Since it is a true cloud service, capacity is not fixed and throughput scales on-demand. There is zero capital expense, and customers pay for only what they use. No Teridion hardware or software is required - Teridion auto discovers salient network configurations, and can be provisioned in minutes with a simple IP-Sec connection to Teridion’s network.

Teridion’s cloud-based WAN service runs atop 25+ public cloud providers, leveraging the global reach and elastic scalability of the public cloud. Teridion’s cloud-based WAN service is powered by Teridion Curated Routing, an innovative approach to routing that draws on the power of deep learning to radically improve distributed routing.

Teridion Curated Routing eliminates a fundamental problem with Internet routing: its inability to make routing decisions based on performance. Teridion’s multicloud orchestrator ingests real time application performance data along with measured throughput, loss, and latency from across the Internet. Using deep learning to process the data, Teridion identifies the best performing network possible given the number of sites and the location and applications used at each site. Teridion then orchestrates the network, enabling protocol acceleration and dynamically adapting routes to changing conditions. On average this yields throughput improvements of 2X to 20X and 5% to 30% reduction in end to end latency, depending on geographic region.

This degree of performance improvement is what allows Teridion to be the first cloud based SD-WAN provider to offer an SLA comparable to legacy services like MPLS, giving enterprises the confidence and assurances they need to move to low cost, high bandwidth, broadband Internet connectivity and phase out costly MPLS circuits.