Thoughtonomy Ltd

Founded in 2013, Thoughtonomy Ltd had a vision to develop a new automation platform that would help organizations overcome the challenges of workforce productivity, skills availability, and digitization of service offerings.

Thoughtonomy Ltd recognized that whilst there were many automation technologies in the market, these were not effectively addressing that challenge. Typically focused on the niche automation of a specific task or function, or on re-engineering the processes and systems in use, these often required lengthy, disruptive, and expensive change programs, and were rarely simple to deploy, easy to adopt or flexible to consume.

It became clear that directly focusing on the automation of the workers provided the single largest opportunity for improving business efficiency, and in a world where human resources are often both the largest investment and biggest constraint for any business, allowing automation to work non-disruptively alongside or in place of that workforce could provide a rapid and significant route to value.

The outcome of their vision was the creation of the Virtual Workforce; a flexible, secure, on-demand enterprise class platform onto which clients build their own business processes as digital workflows to be executed as required.

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