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TimeTell (iOS App)

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Compatible with

  • MDX Toolkit 10.8.5


  • Citrix Endpoint Management (XenMobile)

Product Details

TimeTell is a enterprise software solution that offers time registration, calendars, planning, budgetting and reporting. Customers can either buy a license for integration within their company intranet or buy a hosted solution.

The full solution supports the following features:


  • Weekly statement for timesheet.
  • Booking time on customers, projects, activities and/or cost center.
  • Approval by line, staff and project manager.
  • Possibility of time recording using barcodes.
  • Chronological registration.

Leave & Absence

  • Digital leave balances card.
  • Holiday planning by department and/or organization.
  • Leave request/approval process can be completed within TimeTell.
  • Leave balances are easily accessible from the timesheet.
  • Registration of sick leave with email notification.
  • Standard reports: including leave balances and staff currently on sick leave.

Flexible Reporting

  • Configurable dashboard.
  • Dynamic reports (pivot tables, charts, filtering, grouping, etc.).
  • Drill down to underlying information.
  • Export to MS Excel, PDF and other formats;
  • Create your own reports (layout and query).


  • Booking time on customers, projects and activities.
  • Clock in/out for time and attendance.
  • Leave request.
  • Editing the personal TimeTell Calendar.
  • Edit the TimeTell Calendar of colleagues.
  • Convert an appointment in the calendar to a booking in the timesheet.
  • Access customer contact information.
  • Entering expenses.


  • Time, Leave and Absence registration.
  • Leave balances are easily accessible from the timesheet.
  • Planning is visible in the timesheet.
  • Standard reports.
  • Entering expenses.
  • Approval by line, staff and project manager.


  • Budgeting for organisational units/staff per customer, project and activity.
  • Budgeting both time and money (hours * rate).
  • Compare with budgets from previous years.
  • Standard reports (budget versus actual).


  • Project planning with tasks, dependencies and GANTT view.
  • Planning of daily tasks (jobs).
  • Capacity planning: resource requests, resource allocation, overview of available capacity.
  • Planning on a weekly level.
  • Planning on a daily basis (Calendar module).
  • Planning versus realisation.


  • Calendar with MS Outlook look and feel and functionality.
  • Appointments are linked to customers, projects and/or activities.
  • Employees can be scheduled for different shifts.
  • Overview of availability of staff per day/time.
  • Overview of work planned for a customer/project per employee per day.


  • Overtime calculations can be configured in the system.
  • Leave entitlement calculation based on age, scale, service, etc.

Time and Attendance

  • Book time on a terminal with a key tag (drop), badge (credit card size) and/or fingerprint.
  • Ability to clock in and out by signing on your own PC (software clock).
  • TimeTell front desk view shows employee attendance in real time.
  • If a person is absent, it is visible whether the person is sick or on holiday and who is their replacement.


  • Access to a certain building/room/parking space can be provided by using Datafox hardware in
  • combination with the TimeTell software.
  • TimeTell keeps log files, so information about who has been in the building at what time is available.


  • Notification and warnings: automatically send e-mails based on certain criteria. For example, automatically send an e-mail to anyone who has not submitted their timesheet in time. In addition to the default e-mail notifications, we can create customised e-mail notifications.
  • Reports by e-mail: reports are created at a set time and sent in PDF format by e-mail. For example, a management report can be sent at the beginning of each month.


  • Ability to export or import data from external systems. This can also be scheduled.
  • Exchange of files is based on CSV, XML or SQL files or directly to an external database.
  • Ability to synchronize the TimeTell calendar with the personal MS Outlook Calendar.

Basic Features

  • Authorizations: rights and obligations of users.
  • HR data.
  • Standard reports.
  • Scheduler: performing automatic tasks.
  • Audit Trail: data changes can be recorded in a log-file.
  • Available in English, Dutch and German.
  • Your own specific terminology can be applied.
  • TimeTell supports MS-SQL, Oracle and Firebird.