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TopC c.a.t.s execution assists organizations in the process of screening job applicants.

TopC offers hundreds of tests in various types and domains. All the tests can run by a single application - Toptest.exe

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Product Details

Toptest.exe is a Windows application built upon c# / wpf.

It was created at 2014 and evolved since. Ten of thousands of jobs replicants have been tested through it over the years.

Toptest is part of a whole system which allows our clients to test candidates, manage the tests, print personal and concentrated reports, fill forms about the replicants and more.

Tests are built using our tests generator - GenCats.




  • High reliability
  • Fast
  • Tests can combine videos, audio, animation, rich text and various graphics.
  • User interacts through a whole set of toolbox controls including radio buttons, check boxes, combos, listbox, textbox and tables.