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TransientX delivers truly secure, easy to use enterprise zero-trust access. We transform fixed and device-centric networks to disposable networks of apps. Our Zero Trust architecture provides true security simply and easily, eliminating friction, risk and complexity.

With TransientAccess by TransientX security isn’t optional, it’s built into the network fabric.

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Product Details

TransientAccess is a next-generation Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) solution which builds ephemeral zero trust application networks for every user. Instead of connecting devices to each other, TransientAccess connects apps on those devices to each other, using isolated overlay networks built for every user. Devices, managed or unmanaged, are never trusted or given direct access to corporate networks. Coupled with granular access control policies and full visibility into application and user activities, It provides true zero trust access by using microcontainers that isolate trusted apps and provide application-level connectivity independent of the underlying physical network topology. Simple isn’t easy - we’ve done the hard work making ZTNA easy to deploy, integrate and use.

TransientAccesses has 3 components:


The component which authenticates and authorizes users and orchestrates connections. This is normally deployed in TransientX cloud as a service (SaaS).


Connectors are deployed in front of applications which will be accessed, usually in a private cloud or on-prem data center.


Users install TransientAccess clients on their devices in order to access enterprise resources.

When an authenticated user request access to the remote enterprise resource, a temporary network of apps on users’ device and the enterprise resource (e.g. enterprise apps, servers) is created as needed.


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Software Defined Perimeter Architecture

  • Stealth and transient access to business-critical apps and resources using app-based networks. Apps and resources are never exposed to the Internet
  • Zero-Trust application level connectivity between authenticated users and applications
  • Private end-to-end DTLS encrypted data traffic belongs to the customer and does not pass through third-party cloud gateways

App Segmentation and Full Visibility

  • Fine grained application access policies allow segmentation and apps, not networks nearby mitigating the risk of lateral movement
  • Full audit trail of user’ activities are available real-time
  • Endpoint data protection e.g. transparent data-at-rest encryption enables data leak prevention even on unmanaged devices, without an MDM or MAM solution

Frictionless Implementation

  • Integrates easily into the existing security configuration of enterprise and requires no ACL or inbound firewall rule changes
  • Support on-prem or SaaS based deployment models and integrates with existing automation tools through REST APIs


Challenge: Connecting remote users

TransientAccess Delivers True Zero Trust Applications Access:

  • No exposed server or networks
  • No lateral movement
  • Camouflaged ephemeral networks
  • Any protocol, any app, any device
  • No cloud gateways or vendor in the middle

Challenge: Access Sensitive Data Securely

  • Encrypted files, with disposal option
  • Controls on printing, copy/paste, screen copy, keyboard scrambling
  • Watermarking protections
  • 2048-bit DTLS end-to-end encryption

Challenge: Existing solutions are complex, difficult to deploy

TransientAccess has Frictionless Deployment

  • Cloud-native solution, deployable in minutes
  • No changes to existing topology, ACL or firewall rules
  • Minimal user training with Zoom-like experience
  • Same experience on managed or unmanaged devices