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Tricerat exists to make IT simple. By listening and paying attention to system administrator needs, we’ve developed products that not only prevent known system limitations but also maintain and improve the end user experience.

By developing simple and effective software, Tricerat has been able to solve IT network problems for over 8,000 customers worldwide and has created many invaluable partnerships with value-added resellers, consultants, and systems integrators. Tricerat formed the critical industry alliance with Citrix as a Citrix Ready Partner to ensure not only the benefits of today’s technology, but the compatibility for longstanding service in the future.

After 15 years in business, Tricerat has experienced rapid growth yet maintained the privately owned and operated atmosphere of a company that is determined to stay on top with true staying power.

Deployed at nearly 6,000 Citrix customer sites around the world, Tricerats offerings include:

ScrewDrivers – Tricerat’s fourth-generation driverless print software makes on demand printing from XenDesktop foolproof, even for the most complex, heavily formatted documents. Built on Tricerat’s proprietary PostScript-based technology, ScrewDrivers provides high color depth and accurate printing, letting any user print from any printer, using any available print settings, from even custom applications - every time, without any configuration.

Simplify Printing – Building on ScrewDrivers® technology, Simplify Printing® offers print server management that lets you control all aspects of your print environment from a centralized and easy-to-use, drag and drop console. This is a complete management system for even the most complex printing environments. Inform end users of print job status, minimizing frustration, as well as a host of other features to include print spooler monitor, worlds largest known printer mapping database, and print spooler directing.

Simplify Printing TX - Tricerat’s latest evolution in printing, Simplify Printing TX, lets users print from any OS and device, including iPhones and iPads, to any printer, regardless of whether they are in the office, at home, or on the road. With Simplify Printing TX, you can relax and feel confident knowing youve brought users printing environment under control without hours of printer driver management and user configuration. Finally, end users can set up, share, and print where, when, and how they need to without you holding their hand.

Simplify Profiles – Tricerat Simplify Profiles eliminates roaming profile problems. It provides all the administrative control of mandatory profiles while still allowing users to customize and save their personalized settings. Finally, a solution that provides centralized control for administrators and stable, flexible workspaces for users.

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ScrewDrivers v6
ScrewDrivers provides a unique, driver-free printing platform for Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop environments. Clients simply connect over HDX/ICA virtual channels and build all local client and network printers on the hosted app or desktop.
Simplify Printing v6
Simplify Printing® is an enterprise-ready printing solution that enables you to manage all of your printer configurations, eliminate printing issues with our universal printer driver and assign print jobs from one central, easyto- use, drag-and-drop console.
Tricerat Simplify Suite
Tricerat Simplify Suite® allows to reliably assign printers and scanners, deploy desktops, control application access, help enforce company policies, reduce logon times, manage personalization for large numbers of virtual desktops, and deliver the correct profile information to the right user at every logon session from any location.
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