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Simplify Suite

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Effectively manage and control your user workstation environment. From printing to profiles to personalization, Simplify Suite® has something to offer everyone.

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Compatible with

  • Citrix Receiver for Windows


  • Citrix Workspace app (Receiver)

Product Details

Simplify Suite is a set of complete user management software tools that embraces and extends Citrix functionality. Manage the entire user workstation environment: assign printers/scanners, deploy desktops, control application access, enforce company policies & more. Simplify Suite allows users to have a highly customized, fast, and predictable desktop environment which in turn increases work productivity and overall satisfaction.


  • Improves reliability, security and performance in Terminal Server environments
  • Enhances end user experience and productivity
  • Reduces administrative and support efforts
  • Ensures delivery of service level commitments
  • Eliminates extensive GPO edits and scripting
  • Monitors and adjusts CPU distribution and tuning memory usage to enhance performance


  • Simplify Console: a drag and drop, centralized interface
  • Auditing controls
  • Automatic Simplify Database Discovery
  • Automatic Verification License Manager
  • Administrator delegation