Trusona Passwordless MFA

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Trusona provides passwordless MFA across the enterprise for both employee and customer-facing systems and applications. With its patented anti-replay technology, Trusona empowers organizations to remediate the risk attached to the most common cybersecurity attack vectors, including phishing, keylogging and SIM-swapping.

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Product Details

Designed with the user experience in mind, Trusona’s passwordless MFA is the most effective and secure method to authenticate Citrix users. With Trusona, security teams can remove passwords from the user experience, to effectively eliminate the risk of credential-related threats.




  • Usability
    Usable security is security that gets used.
  • Deterministic
    Know for sure. No probabilities or false positives. 
  • Passwordless 2FA
    No username, passwords or typing in the end-user experience.
  • Dynamic
    No static credential is now secure.
  • Anti-replay
    Thwart static credential replay.
  • Identity
    Employee and government-issued IDs as a factor of authentication.


Enhance security
Passwordless authentication enhances your organization’s security by significantly reducing your overall attack surface and virtually eliminating the risk of compromised credentials.

Reduce costs
Organizations claim over 30% of call center/IT help desk volumes are due to password resets. Save money by going passwordless to slash call volumes.

Improve user experience
Provide a fast, simple and consistent passwordless authentication experience without frustrating account lockouts and password resets.