TrustKey Solutions

TrustKey Solutions strives to be the recognized in secure authentication solutions worldwide.

TrustKey has several hardware security keys in its lineup with the G-series keys which includes USB-A and USB-C types. G-series keys are the FIDO2 Level2 certified biometric security keys making it impossible for side channel attacks, man-in-the-middle attacks or phishing. The next line of keys are T-series keys.

T-series keys are implemented on the same platform as G-Series series keys. They provide affordable high security performance. T-series keys are for general public use as well as enterprise deployment – they are fast, easy to use and affordable.

TrustKey is committed to supporting true passwordless login via the FIDO2 standard to help people protect their online identities. TrustKey is pleased to move forward to support the goal by providing secure, reliable and simple solutions to the public with new offerings in the future lines of keys with new features and other form factors.

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