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The TruU Identity Platform enables organizations to eliminate passwords and badges from their identity infrastructure with end-to-end passwordless capable across the following use cases: Win, Mac, Linux workstation access (offline and online), applications (web/mobile), VDI, VPNs and Linux privilge user OS commands such as 'sudo'. Quite simply, TruU is the most complete enterprise-grade passwordless solution and our support for Citrix enables numerous options. With integration through Netscaler or using Federated Authentication Service, TruU enables a seamless passwordless login to Workspace, XenDesktop, XenApp and/or Storefront to name just some of the configurations.

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Product Details

The TruU Identity Platform enables organizations to eliminate passwords and badges from their identity infrastructure. TruU is the most complete enterprise passwordless identity solution.

Why TruU?

Passwordless MFA
TruU uses public key cryptography to create a local root of trust on a end users mobile device or FIDO enabled hardware key. The solution balances the use of a local PIN, biometrics and behavioral biometrics to create the most seamless enterprise authentication and access experiences in the market. 

AIML Continuous Identity
Organizations can optionally turn on AIML continuous identity to create the most seamless end user UX on the market without compromising security.  Otherwise companies can run the solution as the most complete and robust passwordless MFA solution on the market. When turning on continuous identity, TruU takes authentication from being a point-in-time transaction to an irrefutable interaction based on the behavioral signals or biometrics. TruU uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to continuously sense and learn the identity of a workforce individual.

How TruU Works

TruU leverages an organizations existing IAM infrastructure, particularly their existing SSO / IdP infrastructure to add its passwordless capabilities to identity access management and governance. The solution is comprised of several components:

The TruU Mobile Application 
The mobile app becomes an identity proxy for an individual and resides on a workforce participant's managed or unmanaged smartphone. End users not able to utilize a mobile application may use any 3rd party FIDO-compliant hardware key or TruU's biometrically-enabled smart key. The mobile app facilitates authentication using private keys stored on the end users device as opposed to a password that is centrally stored. TruU associates this mobile proxy signal with an endpoint that is running TruU's endpoint client for low power BLE proximity-based authentication. Identity can work in kiosk mode and is not bound to one device.

Endpoint Clients
Endpoint Clients on PCs work in conjunction with the mobile application to enable frictionless access to resources in enterprise organizations, including during offline states.

Identity Servers
Identity Servers are hybrid deployable and communicate locally on-premises or from a variety of virtual private cloud (VPC) configurations with TruU Endpoint Clients, as well as TruU’s Identity Cloud.

Identity Cloud
The Identity Cloud utilizes specialized AI and ML algorithms to determine exact identity resolution for workforce members and communicates with the Identity Server to reduce latency and delegate decision-making.




TruU offers passwordless MFA and AIML-powered continuous identity. The platform’s key capabilities include:

Continuous, Real-Time Identity
AI/ML-powered behavioral biometric identification technology

True Passwordless MFA End-to-End
Automatic identity verification with biometrics and/or PIN based on real-time, integrated identity risk scoring and assessment, from PC access to applications.

Configurable MFA Policy
Elevate trust requirements and identity verification requirements based on administrator configured policy

Full Lifecycle Support
Architected for high security throughout an employee's lifecycle, from Entitlement to De-Provisioning

Broad Endpoint Support
Support for key enterprise endpoints including iOS, Android, Windows, Linux and Mac

Broad Use Case Coverage
Broad coverage of enterprise use cases for employees, contractors and admins across VPN, servers, apps and workstations


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