Unimax believes that administering UC, PBX and voice messaging systems can be far less complex and costly, while delivering better service levels. Unimax simplifies voice system management by providing tools for employee self service (i.e. voicemail password reset and more), help desk agent MACDs, automation, advanced reporting and much more for single and multi-vendor telecom environments.

Unimax has been an innovating voice system management tools for over 25 years. Their extensive customer list includes both Fortune 500 and SMB companies. Their partners include brand name telecom vendors, resellers, integrators, etc. This long-standing history has provided Unimax the technical expertise and experience required to help optimize the administration and management of your communications environment.

Unimax products include 2nd Nature (unified MACD administration), LineOne (self service MACD portal), HelpOne (help desk MACD portal), NumberPro (phone number management), Spotlight (advanced UC and voice system reporting) and others. Unimax’s Professional Solutions include developing automated UC and telecom administration applications to address communications challenges on a company by company basis.

Unimax products and solutions reduce operational costs, strengthen security, Increase visibility and control, and improve internal customer service. The results are immediate and measurable.

Unimax software is compatible with UC, PBX and voice messaging systems from Avaya®, Cisco®, Legacy Nortel®, Microsoft®, AVST® and others. Unimax solutions also integrate UC and voice systems with critical business software such as Microsoft’s Active Directory®, human resource applications, call accounting, monitoring, E-911, and others.

Founded in 1991, Unimax Systems Corporation is a privately held company headquartered in Minneapolis, MN.

For more information visit our web site at http://www.unimax.com/.