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UniPrint Vault for Android

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Compatible with

  • MDX Toolkit 10.8.5

Product Details

UniPrint Vault is an app that works in conjunction with UniPrint Infinity and SecurePrint to enable Android smartphone and tablet users to authenticate and then release their print jobs to their corporate printers.

How It Works

  • Print from your computer to the UniPrint VPQ (Virtual Print Queue). After selecting the UniPrint VPQ as your printer, you will be prompted to enter a SecurePrint password.
  • Go to the printer that you want to print to and use your Android device to scan the provided QR code, or scan for the iBeacon that is associated with the printer.
  • Tap to select the print job to print and then tap “Print” on your Android device.
  • Enter your SecurePrint password and then tap “OK”. Your print job will print out at the printer selected.


  • Easy to install and use - Enter your SecurePrint password to release your print job to a corporate printer using your Android device.
  • No need to purchase special printers or standardize your printer fleet - UniPrint Vault Beta works with all printer manufacturers and models.
  • Lower your carbon footprint by reducing paper and ink & toner waste - UniPrint Vault Beta forces users to print consciously and therefore only print when they are ready to actually pick up their printouts. This alleviates the “print and forget” behaviour that results in "forgotten" printouts being left on the printer and eventually thrown out or recycled.
  • Improve security - Since UniPrint Vault Beta prompts users to enter their SecurePrint password in close proximity to the printer, confidential information is not left forgotten on the printer and the risk of confidential printouts being intercepted by the wrong user is greatly reduced.