uberAgent is the monitoring tool for Citrix administrators. It gives the information that matters for the administrators of XenApp, XenDesktop, SBC, VDI, or any other kind of virtual desktop.

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    7.6 LTSR, 7.15 LTSR, 1903, 1906, 2003
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    7.6 LTSR, 7.15 LTSR, 1903, 1906, 2003
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Product Details

uberAgent is a Splunk agent for Windows. It does not just collect data - it gives you the information that matters. Other monitoring products rely on the performance counters built into Windows. uberAgent has its own metrics, covering key aspects of user experience and application performance. It tells you everything you need to know about physical PCs, virtual desktops and Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops, formerly XenApp and XenDesktop; without affecting your systems’ user density. Whether it’s SBC, VDI, TS, RDS or Horizon View: uberAgent covers it all.

Small Footprint
A small footprint is of great importance in virtualized environments. Nobody wants reduced Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops user counts. uberAgent is so small and efficient that you will hardly notice it is there - except when you look at the great data it collects.

Expect the following from uberAgent:

  • CPU: on average well below 0.5%
  • RAM: around 30 MB
  • IOPS: uberAgent does not generate any disk IO at all
  • Network: 15 MB/day (VDI), 65 MB / day (SBC)

Troubleshooting and Optimizing Slow Logons
Logon duration is a typical area of concern for Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops administrators. Whether your terminal server logons are slow or fast makes a great difference to end user experience. uberAgent helps diagnose, troubleshoot and optimize logons by telling you exactly how long each logon takes and where that time is spent, be it loading the user profile, processing Group Policy or running logon scripts. It even goes so far as to showing which Group Policy CSE runs how long. That way you can immediately see the impact policies like folder redirection have on logon performance.

Capacity Planning and Sizing
How is your farm utilized? Do you have spare resources? Are you limited by CPU - or rather by memory or disk IO? Or are your servers oversized, offering much more performance than is actually required?
uberAgent helps answer these questions with ease. It enables you to spot bottlenecks and plan for optimized resource utilization. Sizing Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops farms becomes so easy that you wonder how you did it without uberAgent.

Application Performance
uberAgent gives you performance metrics not only per process, but also per application. Especially on Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops it is so much easier to digest a single entry for Adobe Reader XI instead of dozens of individual AcroRd32.exe, AdobeARM.exe and reader_sl.exe processes.
Application startup times are critical for user experience. The faster applications launch the happier your end users. uberAgent shows you where you stand by monitoring each process start and telling you exactly how long it took and how much disk IO was generated in the process.

Application Usage
On Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops you know which applications are installed. But you do not know which application is used when and by how many users. uberAgent answers that, helping with sizing, capacity planning and license monitoring. uberAgent also tracks which application versions are being run. This is great information to have on physical and virtual desktops where users can install their own applications.


  • Detailed user logon information
  • Browser resource utilization
  • Network latency per backend service
  • Application usage
  • Application inventory
  • Application startup duration
  • Application performance
  • User session footprint
  • GPU utilization


  • Tells you exactly about everything relevant to user experience
  • Helps you identify trends that otherwise would have gone unnoticed
  • Simplifies troubleshooting by showing you what you need to know in on place
  • Shows you which applications are used when
  • Makes the help desk and IT operations more effective
  • Supports IT pros with information they need for deep troubleshooting
  • Makes physical and virtual environments (VDI) comparable

Use Cases

  • SLA Compliance Monitoring
  • Sizing and Capacity Planning
  • License Compliance Monitoring
  • Troubleshooting
  • Operations




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