Veridium provides a secure and convenient multifactor biometric authentication platform for employees and customers. The VeridiumID authentication plaform serves as an independent multifactor authentication layer allowing enterprises the freedom to customize the user experience - choosing the best biometrics for their needs. Employees can have secure MFA into Citrix environments using native (use FaceID on iPhoneX, Touch ID on iOS, and fingerprint on Android) or any biometric. VeridiumID integrates across your legacy and cloud environments to provide secure authentication and convenient access across all resources. VeridiumID provides universal access to a variety of corporate environments (IAM, VDI, VPN, cloud and legacy) with a frictionless and secure user experience. VeridiumID business adaptors accelerate implementations and integrate with Microsoft Active Directory, Citrix, IAM, and SaaS systems using standard authentication protocols and integations via LDAP, RADIUS, SAML and OpenID Connect. VeridiumID integrates with Citrix Workspace, Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktop, Citrix ADC, and Citrix Content Collaboration. VeridiumID has tight integration with Citrix FAS to facilitate migrating to the cloud. VeridiumID also simplifies adopting Citrix Workspace with a consistent and streamlined user experience for all employees.

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