UDS Enterprise is a VDI and vApp connection broker. It allows you to automatically and centrally deploy and manage the full lifecycle of Windows and Linux virtual desktops and applications in a safe, fast and easy way. It also enables remote access to physical and virtual devices. 

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  • down-arrow Citrix Hypervisor
    8.0, 8.2 LTSR CU1

Product Details

UDS Enterprise supports HA environments for Windows and Linux, can be deployed on-premise or in any public, private or hybrid cloud.

Users can access through a web browser at any time, from any place and any device, including zero and thin clients.

It’s a vendor-agnostic solution; software administrators are free to enable multiple hypervisors, authenticators, and connection protocols to run simultaneously.

The platform is Open Source based, 100% customizable both at image and technical level, avoiding vendor lock-in.

Without licenses, there are subscriptions based on the number of users, including an efficient, personalized support service and updates. Flat rate from 351 users.

UDS Enterprise interoperates with Citrix Hypervisor, formerly XenServer to deploy Windows & Linux virtual desktops, applications and any remote service managing platform resources properly and efficiently.


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UDS Enterprise General Features

  • Very easy installation, administration and usability
  • User & admin access from any web browser and OS. BYOD support
  • Strong, flexible and scalable solution
  • Open Source based: Easy integration with third-party software
  • Access and services dashboards customizable according to corporate image 
  • Product roadmap based on customers and community requests 
  • Unlimited services management
  • Multilanguage: English, Spanish, Euskera, Catalan, French, Italian, German, Portuguese, Russian and Arabic
  • Inverse cost scaling. The more users there are, the lower the cost of the platform

UDS Enterprise Technical Features

  • Secure SSL WAN access & splitted authentication
  • High availability and load balancing
  • Very simple to update
  • UDS components consume very little disk space, memory and processor
  • Definition of usage policies for virtual desktops and applications
  • Task scheduling and access to services based on calendars
  • Usage reporting and statistics in real time
  • Possibility of configuring advanced parameters adapted to each environment
  • Access to VDI & vApp through e-Learning platforms. Integration with Moodle
  • Connection to persistent physical and virtual devices (control of user sessions)
  • 2 level advanced cache system: Cost savings and quick access
  • MetaPools: Grouping of different types of Service Pools as if they were a single one
  • Support for multiple hypervisors, service providers, connection protocols and authenticators running simultaneously

Multiple Windows & Linux Service Providers:

  • Hypervisors: Citrix Hypervisor, Microsoft Hyper-V, Nutanix Acropolis, Proxmox, RHEV, oVirt, XCP-ng...
  • Others: Microsoft Azure, NodeWeaver, OpenGnSys, OpenNebula, OpenStack, Windows Server RDS...

Connection Protocols

  • Multiple connection protocols support: HTML5, NX, RDP, RDS, RemoteFX, RGS, SPICE, PCoIP, XRDP, X2GO...
  • Audio, video, usb, printers, smartcards…

Authentication Systems

  • Multi-authenticator: Active Directory, CAS, eDirectory, OpenLDAP, SAML 2.0, Internal authentication system, authentication system by device (IP)…


Desktop Virtualization

Easily manage and deploy a flexible and scalable high performance VDI platform.

Application virtualization

Access your Windows and Linux apps through any device including HTML5 browser.

Remote working

Enable remote access to physical devices or virtual desktops and applications 24/7, from anywhere and any device.

Virtual desktops with Moodle

Access virtual desktops and applications from your e-Learning platform.

Cloud VDI

Leverage all the advantages of desktop and application virtualization through a pay-as-you-go model.