vitero GmbH

vitero GmbH is a communication technology company and a spin-off of the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft (IAO). vitero offers software solutions in the area of information, communication, and knowledge management for all companies in all industrial sectors and public institutions. vitero focuses on synchronous, web-based communication. Live e-learning (virtual classroom), web conferencing, and online collaboration are the main business segments.

vitero GmbH are not only your provider for custom-made software solutions for live online communication but also your competent and experienced contact before, during and after the realisation of your project. Besides a comprehensive software and hardware consultation vitero GmbH offers home-made trainings, pilot projects and change management projects in order to make the introduction or transfer to vitero as fast and pleasant as possible. Customer-specific software modifications are routinely made by us thanks to the in-house software development team.

vitero GmbH guidelines are:

  • Easy handling
  • High user acceptance
  • High communication efficiency

vitero stands for virtual team room and is a software for delivering effective virtual meetings and trainings under realistic conditions. The Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft spin-off vitero GmbH is one of the most comprising service providers when it comes to synchronous online communication, that comprises all fields of application: web conferencing, webinars, live e-learning (virtual classroom), desktop sharing, web casts, online-mediation, e-health (especially teletherapy) and e-collaboration. vitero GmbH offers suitable software, consultation, and further services like software development and trainings for one-to-one communication settings up to large webcasts.

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