Wacom's DTK-1651 LCD pen display combines a high resolution screen with a small footprint, offering a secure and paperless eDocument workflow solution.

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    7.6 LTSR, 7.6, 7.14, 7.15 LTSR, 7.16, 7.17

Product Details

The DTK-1651 is Wacom's 15.6" Full HD LCD pen display. With the DTK-1651, A4 and Letter-sized documents can be viewed full screen without shrinking and scrolling. State of the art encryption ensures that the documents can be signed digitally with confidence using Wacom's patented cordless, battery-free pen.

Tested driver version: 6.3.16-2




  • 15.6" Full HD LCD display
    The DTK-1651 features a generous 15.6" Full HD LCD display that allows A4 and Letter-sized documents to be viewed and signed full screen without shrinking and scrolling. The IPS display has a wide viewing angle and the hardened cover glass is scratch-resistant with a paper-like feel.
  • Highest quality, secure eSignatures
    The DTK-1651 includes state of the art encryption to ensure safe and secure digital signing of documents and contracts. It also contains a unique hardware ID (UID) to identify the exact unit that was used during any signing session. The pen uses Wacom’s patented technology and delivers 1,024 levels of pressure for a natural signing, writing, and drawing experience.
  • Fits in any work environment
    The beautiful industrial design of the DTK-1651 allows it to fit in and stand out in any work environment. It has a small footprint that fits easily on tabletops and includes integrated stands that support both portrait and landscape orientations. Standard VESA mounting screws allow use of 3rd party stands and arms. The DTK-1651 is powered by a special 3-in-1 cable that simplifies cable management. The pen has a strong tether to prevent loss, plus there is an innovative magnetic pen rest and integrated pen compartment to keep the pen safe.