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Wandera, a cloud security company, protects modern enterprises beyond the traditional perimeter. When remote users access applications from their smartphones or laptops, anywhere in the world, Wandera’s unified security cloud provides real-time threat protection, content filtering and zero-trust network access. Wandera regularly shares the latest findings from its threat intelligence which applies machine learning across 425M worldwide sensors. Founded in 2012 by a team of cloud security veterans and recognized by analyst firms including Gartner and IDC, the company is headquartered in San Francisco and London.

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Product Details

Unified cloud security for your mobile enterprise.

The Mobile Security Suite is a single cloud solution to protect against the broadest range of cyber threats and access-based risks.

Enable remote users with the Mobile Security Suite. Enforce security, data and access policy with real-time control and reporting, that flexes and scales with your business and supports any mobile endpoint.

Mobile Security Suite combines the features and benefits of Wandera's Mobile Threat Defense, Mobile Data Policy, and Broker Adaptive Access Add-On solutions into one unified cloud solution.

Mobile Threat Defense
Set intelligent rules to ensure that your remote users only access the sites, applications, and services they're supposed to, making sure you're compliant with regulations. Enforce your policy so that only sanctioned tools are used for company business.

  • Enforce acceptable online behavior with intelligent content filtering rules.
  • Mitigate legal exposure from noncompliant or illicit use.
  • Prevent sensitive corporate data from being exposed on personally enabled cloud apps.
  • Block unsanctioned services via the browser and application.

Mobile Data Policy
Prevent non-business data use from impacting productivity, causing bill shock and increasing legal risk. Control how, when, and where your data is used. Enforce acceptable use, eliminate shadow IT, and optimize data utilization in the cloud.

  • Get a firm grip on data consumption with real-time analytics and detailed reporting.
  • Prevent data leaks and minimize legal liability with acceptable use and content filtering rules.
  • Avoid bill shock by limiting non-business data usage via capping and roaming policies.

Broker Adaptive Access Add-on
Only allow sanctioned, safe devices access to your corporate cloud applications. Broker access to cloud applications through Wandera for sanctioned mobile endpoints only, while reducing friction and requirements for step-up authentications.

  • Ensure a consistent user access experience, regardless of user location.
  • Continuously assess risk at the mobile endpoint, even during active user sessions, before enabling access. If MI:RIAM's advanced threat intelligence determines an endpoint is compromised or at high risk, access can be denied.

The Wandera Security Cloud protects enterprises at the new edge, where data is in the cloud and users are remote. Unified security capabilities include threat protection, content filtering, and zero-trust network access.


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