CPU and Memory Throttling software for XenApp/XenDesktop VM servers ensures these servers always perform at their maximum potential.

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Product Details

Relevos is CPU Throttling and Memory Optimization software designed for application and desktop virtualization VM servers to ensure they perform at their highest potential. Benefits are immediately seen upon installation, and when run alongside Citrix Virtual Apps, formerly XenApp CPU Utilization/Optimization, the server gains Process Throttling and is protected from runaway processes.

Using patented technology, Relevos protects users from being impacted by processes consuming excessive CPU and Memory. Processes can be throttled or, if an admin wants, even ended if they consume too much resources. Now you can add value to servers by spending less time micro-managing them and more time designing and supporting optimal Citrix solutions for your business.

Whether your servers are on-premise or in the cloud running on AWS, Azure, or GCP, Relevos runs on all versions of Windows Server 2008 x64 through 2019.


  • True CPU Throttling of 32-bit and 64-bit processes
  • Relevos can monitor all processes or specific processes
  • Prevent runaway processes that consume excessive CPU or Memory
  • A central console puts servers in groups for easy management
  • Increases users per server, allowing load to be spread across more or less servers, depending on application
  • Full server statistics and notifications




CPU Throttling™

Set the maximum CPU % for any process or service to ensure no process can consume all of the CPU at the expense of other users or processes.

Memory Limits

Relevos automatically limits the memory usage of processes, while still allowing them to run. An overall limit can be set, and individual processes can have custom settings.

IPC (Intelligent Priority Control™)

Automatically modifies the internal scheduler for thread and process priority. Developed for their 1999 ServerGT software, it has been refined and optimized for Relevos.

CPU Priority

Automatically start user processes at one of six pre-defined priority levels. Use Process Priority to increase or decrease the processs priority at startup, for both high and low importance processes.

CPU Affinity

Automatically start user processes to run on one or more of the systems processors. Use CPU Affinity for low importance processes.

Central Management

The Relevos Console controls the settings for all Relevos Clients. And it can install or uninstall Relevos Client software on remote comptuers.