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ISE Manager

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Simple, Powerful Storage Administration for Virtual and Physical Environments. The seamless integration of multiple ISE Storage Systems units creates a dynamic performance-driven cloud of storage for host applications. ISE Manager is the platform to navigate, deploy, and provision storage throughout the cloud.

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Compatible with

  • XenDesktop 7.0
  • XenDesktop 7.5
  • XenServer 6.0
  • XenServer 6.0.2
  • XenServer 6.1


  • Citrix Virtual Desktops (XenDesktop)
  • Citrix Hypervisor (XenServer)

Product Details

ISE Manager is an intuitive management interface that provides simple, user-friendly storage and server administration without sacrificing precision. It allows for the enterprise to simplify, centralize, and automate the administration with software tailored for intelligent storage.


  • Simplified Provisioning and Capacity Deployment - Traditional storage provisioning requires a dozen or more steps across the storage system, the server, and the virtual or physical machine. ISE Manager allows you to create new volumes with a simple three-click process.
  • Intuitive Windows OS-like Interface - ISE Manager is designed to function with intuitive menus and wizards similar to the experience of using the Windows Operating Systems. ISE Manager is easy enough for a novice user to operate, but provides all the functionality expected by an advanced user.
  • 3rd Party Hypervisor Integration - ISE Manager’s Virtual View works in concert with the management software from Citrix and Hyper-V to optimize storage deployment and provisioning. It creates a compatible environment without any lost functionality and dramatically reduces setup time for virtual storage.
  • Real-Time Storage Performance Dashboard - ISE Manager collects telemetry data from ISE storage and reports it at a granular level. It allows to avoid bottlenecks, allocate resources more effectively, and create more accurate forecasts for storage needs.
  • Centralized Management - Allows the user to manage all ISE storage systems across sites as part of a single storage cloud or multiple independent clouds.

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