X1 Search 8 Virtual Edition

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Next generation productivity application that unifies search across emails, files and SharePoint data within a VDI environment.

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Product Details

X1® Search 8 Virtual Edition (VE) is a next generation productivity application for virtual desktops, unifying search across emails, files, SharePoint data and more. X1 Search 8 VE creates a better VDI experience for organizations by providing users with a comfortable interface and robust search of traditional X1, with a back-end architecture optimized for efficient management of virtual resources.

X1 Search 8 VDI-friendly architecture features two components:

  • “Thin” X1 client interface residing on virtual desktop servers, built for a low impact and resource efficient footprint
  • X1 index and processes offloaded to other computers (the “Indexing Servers”)

Key Advantages of X1 Search8 VE:

  • Enhanced VDI user experience providing unified search across emails, files and SharePoint data
  • X1s indexing speed is architected to conserve virtual environment resources
  • Patented fast-as-you-type search with Boolean, proximity and keyword searching
  • X1s interface includes full fidelity preview of over 500+ file types

Primary Functions:

  • Only solution to provide search in a VDI environment
  • Build a full content, searchable index of Outlook data and over 500+ documents
  • Fast-as-you-type search and result  hit-highlighting for Outlook, Gmail, Microsoft Office documents, PDFs, and over 500+ other file types
  • Full fidelity preview to see directly into documents
  • Post search actions to act upon results

Target Businesses:

X1 virtual edition is designed for any business that requires a robust search experience within their VDI environment, including:

  • Financial Services
  • Law Firms
  • Consultants


Key User Benefits:

  • Unified, fast-as-you type search across Emails and files
  • Full fidelity preview pane allows users to see directly into emails, Microsoft office, and PDF documents
  • 50+ refine columns to drill dowjn to results faster
  • Act upon results with application specirfic post search actions

Technical Description:

X1 Search 8 Virtual Edition is an indexing and search product architected for Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops, formerly XenApp and XenDesktop environments. X1 builds an inverted index of Exchange, Outlook, and over 500 different file types including Microsoft Office and PDF documents. Users can search their index with X1s patented fast-as-you-type search, as well as use over 50+ refine columns to drill down to results faster. Users can review results with a full fidelity preview, and take action on results with X1s application specific Post Search Actions (PSAs).

The product is architected with the foundation of the standard X1 Search 8 search engine, with the user interface decoupled from the index service and user data, allowing for X1s robust search experience while conserving resources for a low impact and light footprint in virtual environments.