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ColorQube 9301/9302/9303

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The Xerox ColorQube™ 9300 series multifunction printer, and get dramatically lower color printing costs for the workgroup. Print color. Every day.

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Compatible with

  • XenApp 6.0
  • XenApp 6.5
  • XenApp 7.0
  • XenApp 7.5
  • XenDesktop 7.0
  • XenDesktop 7.5
  • XenDesktop 7.6


  • Citrix Virtual Desktops (XenDesktop)
  • Citrix Virtual Apps (XenApp)

Product Details

ColorQube 9300 series Solid Ink color multifunction printers feature the Xerox® ConnectKey™ Controller that can easily, securely and intelligently manage documents in increasingly changing work environments.

The ColorQube 9300 series also offers dramatically reduced cost of color with the three-tier pricing plan that makes color affordable for everyone, while providing a compelling environmental message with fewer consumables and Solid Ink sticks with no cartridges.

Now, for the first time, color is priced right for any office. Bring the business to life with the Xerox ColorQube™ 9300 series multifunction printer, and get dramatically lower color printing costs for the workgroup. Print color. Every day.


Impressive color. The ColorQube® 9300 series helps office documents get noticed with vibrant, glossy colors.

  • Make every document stand out. Count on brilliant, saturated color-print after print-even on inexpensive offi ce or recycled paper.
  • Match your expectations. Deliver accurate representations of company logo with PANTONE® approved color simulations.
  • Flexible print speeds. Choose the perfect combination of image quality and speed for any printing situation with four different print settings-Photo, Enhanced, Standard and Fast Color.
  • Print color every day. Now enterprise can afford to add the power of color to everything user print with the ColorQube 9300 series.
  • Low color-page prices. The ColorQube 9300 series is remarkably more cost-effective than comparable color laser multifunction printers -and the more color pages it prints, the more it saves.
  • Unique price plans deliver big savings. No more paying expensive color prices for small amounts of color. With the ColorQube 9300 series, you pay based on the amount of color on the page. On most color pages, your price will drop signifi cantly.
  • Color for the price of black-and-white. Pages with useful amounts of color, such as company logo, are billed at the same rate as black-and-white pages.

A smarter, faster way to work. Experience unparalleled convenience and uptime with Xerox Solid Ink, which has been designed for maximum ease of use.

  • Copy and print speeds up to 55 ppm color and 60 ppm black-and-white. Increase print productivity even further with speeds up to 85 ppm in Fast Color mode for draft or short-life documents.
  • Easy ink loading. Each ink stick color is uniquely shaped for simple drop-in loading. And ink can be topped off at any time-even if the device is running.
  • Interruption-free printing. The ColorQube 9300 series can hold enough ink sticks to print over 55,000 pages of each color before replenishing.
  • Cartridge-free technology. Take back valuable office real estate with minimal storage space required for Solid Ink’s compact packaging and single replaceable component.
  • Helpful walk-up features. Embedded help videos provide quick troubleshooting assistance right on the front panel. Plus, an illuminated paper path makes occasional access less intimidating.
  • Ready when you are. Intelligent Ready technology learns the workgroup’s usage patterns so it is ready to print when user is.
  • Reliable operations. A simple paper path and minimal moving parts keep the ColorQube 9300 series up and running in the toughest environments. It can even diagnose potential problems and fix them ahead of time, reducing maintenance and service calls.

Efficiency in your office Work faster with features and capabilities that improve the way you create and share office documents.

  • Multitasking operation. Maximize business efficiency and handle multiple tasks simultaneously with concurrent processing.
  • Advanced scanning built-in. Easily convert hardcopy documents into digital files that can be easily shared or archived. On-box OCR creates a text-searchable file for quick information  retrieval.
  • Cut down network traffic. Advanced file compression methods reduce file sizes and network load for faster delivery.
  • Walk-up convenience. Scan to and print from a standard USB memory device for information at your fingertips.
  • No printing bottlenecks. The Print Around feature holds a job needing resources, such as a different paper size, and prints the next job in the queue.
  • Powerful fax capabilities. Send and receive faxes without leaving the desk. LAN fax sends faxes right from applications on your PC using a print driver, and have incoming faxes automatically forwarded to an email address or document repository.
  • Tailored to fit the needs. Xerox Extensible Interface Platform® enables personalized and simplified menus and workflows to meet unique business requirements. Leverage existing databases and systems, providing a greater return on investment.

Environmentally conscious design. Give company’s sustainability efforts a boost, while enhancing  company’s image with color.

  • Less waste. Solid Ink sticks avoid the cartridge and the packaging, creating up to 90% less waste versus comparable laser devices.
  • Fewer consumables. The long-life Cleaning unit-with an average life of 330,000 prints-is the only replaceable component, and can be recycled through the Xerox Green World Alliance program.
  • ENERGY STAR® qualified. The ColorQube 9300 series meets the stringent ENERGY STAR requirements for energy use.
  • Non-toxic and mess-free. Xerox Solid Ink is safe to handle and won’t leave messy stains when loading into the device.
  • Bio-derived ink. Xerox Solid Ink has been certified to have 30% bio-derived renewable material content by the National Association of Printing Ink Manufacturers (NAPIM).
  • Print responsibly. Get the same vibrant prints on recycled media. Plus, Earth Smart driver settings allow you to select default settings, such as printing on both sides, that encourage responsible usage.
  • Measure your progress. Bundled GreenPrint software automatically highlights and removes unwanted pages prior to printing and provides reporting on total paper and trees saved.
  • Demonstrated leadership in sustainability. Xerox’s longstanding focus on environmental sustainability has diverted over two billion pounds of waste from landfills through their Product Take-back and Recycling Program. Xerox also offers environmentally responsible choices for paper and media allowing you to choose recycled media with up to 100% post-consumer recycled content and paper that adheres to internationally recognized standards for sustainable forestry management.

Easy on IT. Give your IT department some downtime with a device engineered to be simple to deploy and manage.

  • Reduce calls to IT. Minimize interventions with innovative features such as simple ink loading, a single long-life replaceable unit, embedded help videos and illuminated paper path.
  • Simplify driver deployment. Eliminate the need for IT and mobile workers to download individual print drivers for each product. The Xerox Global Print Driver® and Mobile Express Driver® are truly universal and let users print to most devices-even those made by other manufacturers.
  • Configure once, deploy fleet wide. No need to configure each device individually. Device configurations can be cloned and distributed to all other ColorQube 9300 series devices.
  • Flexible cost control. Easily assign user permissions for print based on time of day, job type and applications through an intuitive interface.
  • Manage every device. IT administrators can easily install, configure, manage, monitor and report on printers and multifunction devices across the network-regardless of manufacturer-using Xerox CentreWare® Web.
  • Easy, accurate billing and supplies replenishment. Automatically collect and submit meter reads with Smart eSolutions MeterAssistant®, and SuppliesAssistant® saves time with automatic ordering of supplies.

Cutting edge security. Minimize risk by protecting vulnerable access points and critical business information.

  • Erase sensitive information. Hard disk overwrite electronically erases image data stored on the ColorQube 9300 series hard drive.
  • Keep documents safe. Ensures data stays secure with AES 256-bit encryption that meets current FIPS 140-2 requirements, and require a password to open and view a sensitive document by scanning to passwordprotected PDF.
  • Prevent unauthorized access. Restrict usage by validating user names and passwords with Network Authentication. Additionally, Xerox Smart Card Authentication options require card-based identification to protect the device from unauthorized users.
  • End-to-end protection. Ensure device security with full system Common Criteria (ISO 15408) certification (pending). And with Xerox’s proactive response system, quick updates are provided whenever potential vulnerabilities are identified.