QingCloud Technologies Corp.

QingCloud, a full-stack ICT services and solutions provider powered by technologies, positions itself as the all-encompassing ICT service provider for enterprise-class service delivery. QingCloud’s turnkey enterprise solutions are backed by high-performance and massively scalable ICT capabilities that can help you move quickly and securely to the cloud. We also team up with a wide network of trusted partners to power you on your cloud adoption journey.

QingCloud has a robust suite of offerings, including Public Cloud Service, Cloud Platform Software, Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI), Qing3 Hyperconverged Infrastructure (Qing3 HCI), QingStorTM Software-Defined Storage (QingStorTM SDS), KubeSphereTM Container Management Platform, iFCloudTM Unified Multi-Cloud Management Platform, Evervite NetworksTM Intelligent SD-WAN Services, AnyboxTM Enterprise Cloud Drive, OpenPitrixTM Multi-Cloud Application Management Platform, and RadonDBTM Distributed RDB. By offering public, private, hybrid, and managed clouds in an integrated architecture, QingCloud allows you to deploy your applications and data in the most efficient environment possible. You can count on our Full-stack Cloud solution to accommodate the workload at each level of your ICT architecture. We have Omni-module Cloud, an all-in-one solution for delivering the level of stability, agility, or mix of the two needed to handle all your use cases. Not only does Omni-module Cloud enable easy and rapid migration of centralized mission-critical applications to the cloud, but it offers developers an ideal platform to build distributed internet applications on the cloud.

QingCloud has helped over 90,000 enterprises build and operate more productive, agile and reliable IaaS, PaaS, and application management platforms at a much lower cost point. Our customer list includes a number of large business and institutional organizations, such as the Bank of China, China Merchants Bank, China Everbright Bank, Taikang Insurance Group, China Taiping Insurance Group, Jiangsu Communications Holding, China Resources Enterprise, Benxi Steel Group, Chambroad Holding, Guangdong Provincial Highway Bureau, Air China, Sichuan Airlines, Kangmei Pharmaceutical, huanqiu.com, and Orion. Also included in the list are businesses in the internet and other emerging industries, including Weshare Finance, Wecash, Quant Group, 91jinrong.com, TAL Education Group, VIPKID, qingclass.com, Elephant Technology, ecej.com, JPush, and SENSORO.

For more information visit our web site at https://:www.qingcloud.com.