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Qing3 Hyperconverged Infrastructure System

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Compatible with

  • Citrix Virtual Desktops 1808
  • XenDesktop 7.15 LTSR
  • XenDesktop 7.17
  • XenDesktop 7.18


  • Citrix Virtual Desktops (XenDesktop)

Product Details

QingCloud Enterprise Cloud Platform is an enterprise-level cloud computing software developed by QingCloud for a wide range of industries. It is built on QingCloud's years of experience and expertise in technology R&D and business practice, and tested and credited by the large-scale public cloud service operation. With full-stack cloud computing service capabilities, QingCloud Enterprise Cloud Platform allows you to build IaaS, PaaS and SaaS from scratch and provide a complete platform for application development, delivery and operation. It enables a single physical machine to smoothly evolve into a large-scale cloud computing cluster, which can be scaled up and upgraded flexibly as business grows.

In addition to offering computing virtualization, SDS, software-defined network, security, and operation and maintenance services, QingCloud Enterprise Cloud Platform offers you operational capabilities such as quota approval, billing and tickets (support service). At the same time, QingCloud Enterprise Cloud Platform delivers business-oriented applications, such as Big Data, database, caching and container orchestration through the AppCenter application marketplace, enabling you to achieve unified deployment, operation and management throughout the cloud infrastructure, PaaS services and business applications.

Qing³ HCI
Integrated with full-stack cloud computing capability, Qing³ HCI enables integrated delivery of software and hardware on the QingCloud Enterprise Cloud Platform, and allows scale-out of enterprise-level applications such as PaaS and SaaS based on convergence of computing, storage and network resources.

QingCloud Benefits
Proven Reliability, With all mission-critical features and components developed independently, the stability and reliability of the platform has been tested and trialled extensively through the long-period operation of public cloud services and dozens of sccusessful enterprise installbase.

Comprehensive Features, It incorporates the IaaS and PaaS capabilities and is equipped with Big Data, database, middleware,container and AI platform service suites, providing enterprise-level application marketplace and application operation platform that deliver SaaS capabilities and operation framework.

Enterprise Enhancements, It features enterprise-level enhancements at multiple dimensions including billing management,application operation, and operation & maintenance, to deliver the production operation capabilities of industry and group clouds.

Consistent Experience, With a single technical architecture used for public cloud, private cloud, hybrid cloud and managed cloud, the platform provides consistent user experience and operation and maintenance service.

Modular Design, It is composed of modular suites with high maturity and standardization, which can be assembled in a modular manner to meet the requirements of different business scenarios.

Omni-Module Cloud Capability, It is able to serve both distributed Internet innovative business and enterprise's centralized mission-critical business applications.

High Agility, It allows resource scheduling within seconds so that you can adapt the scale of resources to business load at any time.

High Compatibility, It can be integrated with various heterogeneous technology and application ecosystems, and provides access of a full funcational APIs.

Qing³ HCI Benefits

Unified delivery powered by full-stack cloud, Integrated with full-stack cloud computing capability of the QingCloud Enterprise Cloud Platform, it supports automatic discovery and configuration of hardware, allowing you to quickly build your cloud computing environment in just 30 minutes with just one step.

Performance,The software and hardware are deeply tuned based on the business model, and a single enterprise-level distributed SAN node has an IOPS of up to 500,000 with a delay as low as 100 microseconds, fully meeting the system requirements of enterprises' critical services.

Deep convergence, By leveraging the deep convergence of computing, storage and network resources, you can achieve linear expansion of performance and capacity by simply adding hardware nodes.

Optimized storage andcomputing density, Multiple dual-processor servers are integrated into one shared cabinet to increase storage and computing density. 1-U space can accommodate up to 2 processors, 24 memory expansion slots and 14 directly-connected hot-plug hard disks.


Software-Defined Infrastructure, By relying on hyperconverged infrastructure and comprehensive software-defined technologies, the QingCloud Enterprise Cloud Platform and Qing³ HCI provide application operation solutions that are more economical, more flexible and more reliable than pure computing virtualization. With such technologies as computing virtualization, distributed storage, SDN and NFV, server's computing capability is maximized, and the pooling of computing, storage, network and security resources is realized. These give you the ability to make applications cloud-enabled agilely, allocate and expand resources on demand, and realize the centralized monitoring and management of hardware devices, virtual resources and business applications.

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI), Based on HDX, SPICE and other protocols, QingCloud VDI solution supports multiple VDI operating environments, and offers desktop and application virtualization, simplifying the desktop deployment in data centers and enhancing the desktop security. QingCloud VDI solution simplifies the configuration of VDI by leveraging software-defined network and storage, improves the desktop security by using dedicated VPC, and curbs the delay caused by boot storm with the QingCloud second-level booting technology.

Disaster Recovery and Backup, With high elasticity and stability, Qing³ HCI gives you the ability to build a powerful disaster recovery system. Qing³ HCI provides a backup and recovery mechanism and supports automatic load distribution and system scale-out and scale-up, thus facilitating secure storage and management of applications and data in a more economical way. Combined with load balancing clusters and cloud platform's high availability, it allows continuous access to business data across data centers at application level.

Making Mission-Critical Business Cloud-Enabled, With the worldwide trend of digitalization, the new Internet business models demand high agility and flexibility of IT to quickly respond to fast iteration of innovations, while some traditional application systems still rely on centralized IT mode for intensive deployment, thus ensuring high reliability, high performance and high stability of critical services. QingCloud Omni-Module Cloud solution is designed to satisfy enterprise requirements for both agility and stability, providing an integrated solution for cloud deployment of both distributed and centralized architectures. You can select cloud resources that best match your business needs to build flexible, agile and efficient full-mode business systems that can be managed in a centralized way.

For example: QingCloud Bare Metal Service, QingStorTM NeonSAN (Enterprise-Level Distributed SAN) and RadonDBTM (Distributed RDB) provide high-performance and high-reliability computing, centralized storage and mission-critical database capabilities. You can migrate your critical services to the cloud without a major makeover of your traditional IT architecture.

Multi-dimensional Storage,The rapid development of cloud computing, mobile Internet and Big Data technologies have brought about explosive growth of both structured and unstructured data of enterprises. The increasing number of data silos lead to the inability of existing storage systems to adapt to the expansion need of innovative services. How to manage massive data and explore the value of data has become an urgent problem for enterprises. QingCloud adopts low-latency access and high-concurrency IO design for massive structured and unstructured data. It provides an enterprise-level multi-dimensional storage architecture based on distributed storage system and intelligent management, supporting the operation of traditional applications while reducing the storage cost. QingStorTM NeonSAN and QingStorTM Object Storage products can be integrated with QingCloud Enterprise Cloud Platform to let you smoothly integrate all storage resources for a centralized management.

Container Cloud and DevOps,Leveraging QingCloud HCI and PaaS-layer container services, as well as QingCloud's ability to provide computing, storage and network resources within seconds, you can quickly build an environment oriented to application, development and testing. The internally integrated container deployment and management platform supports a variety of cloud container deployment methods such as Kuberetes and Docker and provides image repositories as well as scheduling and orchestration capabilities. These enable you to set up container runtime environment in batch through deployment templates, and make end users develop and test applications, and launch them in the production environment more efficiently and faster.

Industry Cloud Solution,Innovation-driven growth and transformation & upgrading are high priorities of industry development, which will be achieved by bringing together the resources along the industry service chain, building an industrial service platform, and accomplishing convergence of information technologies such as Internet and IoT. seek to package, encapsulate, and deliver their mature industrial applications and service capabilities to their subsidiaries and upstream/downstream partners along the industrial chain, with an aim to build an efficient, collaborative industrial chain ecosystem. QingCloud Industry Cloud solution offers cloud computing infrastructure, Big Data and other application platforms necessary for business transformation to allow the centralized and unified management of industrial chain resources. By providing a complete application development and delivery platform for application service providers and developers through AppCenter, it delivers one-stop services covering development, deployment, launch and operation of applications. Meanwhile, QingCloud Enterprise Cloud Platform provides a full range of open APIs to enable the quick integration with various applications or services.

Hybrid Cloud Solution,Public cloud allows you to build an IT environment at minimal cost to achieve business goals. This is where its value lies. However, due to regulatory and security considerations, it is necessary to retain an independent IT environment and system within the organization. Public cloud or private cloud alone cannot meet the ever-changing business needs. This makes hybrid cloud the best choice for many enterprises. Built on a consistent cloud platform technology architecture, QingCloud public and private clouds are combined with QingCloud SD-WAN service to provide a hybrid cloud solution featuring the cloud-network integration. This ensures the regulatory compliance of enterprise data, while paving the way for you to build on-cloud or local disaster recovery systems.