ZeeTim was founded in 2011 and is headquartered in Europe’s growing tech hub, Paris France. The company’s goal from day 1 has been to provide solutions that could alleviate cloud and virtualization pains while being secure, easy to use, and cost effective.

Having System Integration roots, ZeeTim’s founders found it glaringly obvious that most of the virtualization, security and cloud solution companies in the market only focused on core issues leaving many times important gaps in functionality.

This usually meant longer implementation cycles, user complaints, costly customizations, and unexpected disruptions for our customers who simply wanted after all buying a new solution that “should work out of the box”!  After numerous experiences finding ourselves having to address these shortcomings by customizing solutions, we thought it would make sense to do so as a full time gig.

Come ZeeTim, which was born to address these needs. Finally CIO and IT managers can expect a complete solution that addresses their needs appropriately. ZeeTim truly believes that innovation does not stop and strive to make the solution and experience even better for their customers.

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