Data breaches are reaching their greatest levels in years and hackers are getting more and more clever.
One of the areas that is most vulnerable is the user login and passwords are no longer cutting it. Some of the most costly data breaches stem from users using weak passwords or reusing them. Sometimes a password is already being shared on the dark web and IT has no idea. It is for this reason that IT departments have to do more and the ideal security practice is to enable an additional security layer through a multi-factor authenticator. This is why ZeeTim has introduced ZeeOTP.

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Product Details

ZeeOTP is a multi-factor authentication security solution which uses a randomly generated one-time password (OTP), providing a much more robust defense than a simple querypassword system.

How it works: Add an additional temporary authentication factor to your standard ID and password. This authentication factor will be a temporary randomly generated token, generated by a secure application
on your smartphone.

ZeeOTP thus helps you reinforce the security of access to your sensitive applications: virtual workstation,
mailboxes, business applications, and more…




  • AVAILABLE IN ON PREMISE VERSION: ZeeOTP can be installed directly on your infrastructure or in the cloud via the SaaS version. The on-prem option gives you complete control over how the product is installed, configured, and updated. The on prem version is highly available ensuring continuity. The SaaS version frees you from any local infrastructure requirement. The choice is yours!
  • CHOICE OF AUTHENTICATION: Work with our team to provide the authentication method ideal for your team. This can be an SMS passcode, a code on the mobile app, QR scan from the mobile app, and email,etc… You decide!
  • MULTI-TENANCY AND MSP READY: If you are a large organization with sub-organization or a service provider, ZeeOTP will allow you to setup multiple instances within your infrastructure or in the cloud, and manage them with ease.
  • MANAGEMENT CONSOLE: Perform action such as addition, deletion or deactivation of users or devices. You can also perform a range of configuration or maintenance actions, and visualize your users, devices and key authentication figures on graphics.
  • ELIMINATE USERNAME AND PASSWORD WITH PUSH NOTIFICATIONS: Make the user authentication even more frictionless by applying a login push accessible on the ZeeOTP mobile app.
  • FLEXIBILITY: Time based or Event based. In the first approach,the OTP is renewed at frequent intervals whereas in the second approach, it is generated by pressing a button on the OTP device.
  • VISIBILITY: Clearly see authentication successes and failures and have a log of all of the actions.
  • HIGH AVAILABILITY: Ensure availability of services On Premise or in the Cloud
  • DEVICE CONTROL: Control which device can be used to authenticate


  • CLOUD OR ON PREM: Choose the method that makes more sense operationally, economically, and technically.
  • EASY ADMINISTRATION: Simple Solution for Productive Users: Once implemented, ZeeOTP requires very little attention. Both admins and users will find it equally simple and flexible.
  • SECURITY: Provides the highest level of security approved by government standards. Data Privacy: Conforms to all RFC standards with no proprietary elements, thus your data is not visible to ZeeTim.
  • LOWER COSTS: At least 40% cheaper than big name brands while achieving the same exact functions.
  • SIMPLE MANAGEMENT: Manage your users and profiles through a central management console and visualize important data via clear dashboards.
  • NO VENDOR LOCK IN: Your authentication technology roams with you across multiple applications.
  • REPORTING AND MONITORING: Precise insight into all authentication attempts and tracking of any unusual activity.
  • TOP NOTCH SUPPORT: Highly skilled team to assist you every step of the way.


Brochures: Executive Overview

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