Printing has always been a helpdesk challenge and a cause of frustration for IT Departments as well as for end users.
ZeePrint puts an end to this and provides unrivaled efficiency, ease of management, cost reduction, and user satisfaction. The goal is to make printing a non-issue within organizations no matter what platform or device is in use.  ZeePrint helps you manage the amount of data generated by print streams on your infrastructure, ensuring stability
and reliability of servers and drivers. Reduce your printing related issues by 70% and focus on the more pressing areas of your IT environment.
Through a centralized console the administrator can now manage and monitor all of the printers, ensuring an optimal experience for the users.

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    Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops service on Azure

Product Details

The source of most printing problems comes from the large size or graphic intensive printed files. Thanks to our file compression system, ZeePrint significantly reduces the amount of data transmitted and therefore ensures smooth, almost instantaneous printing. With a single virtual printer for all users, no need for scripts or additional printer drivers.




  • CONSISTENT STABILITY OF SERVER FARM: Ensure steady performance by avoiding common printing challenges in Windows RDP and Citrix remote desktop and application platforms such as spoolers crashes, wrong print outputs, and more.
  • UP TO 30X PRINT BANDWIDTH OPTIMIZATION: Drastically improve speed and performance with ZeePrint print job compression without losing any print-out quality.
  • CENTRAL PRINTER MANAGEMENT: Manage all of the printers in your network via a unique and centralized platform.
  • NATIVE PDF PRINTING: Easily create PDFs instead of physical print outs. PDFs are automatically created on the server and users can save or email these with ease.
  • EASY MANAGEMENT: Take proper control of IP based printers and local printers, and easily define user’s rights and put in place rules such as creation of printers based on IP address, user name, or AD organizational unit.
  • ARCHIVING: Archive and index print files which are accessible via predetermined folder, web portal or the ZeePrint mobile application.
  • REPORTING: Track who printed a document, when and on what printer via a web protal.
  • SECURE CHANNEL COMMUNICATION: Assurance that the print stream is completely encrypted within the solution.
  • COMING WITH A MOBILE VERSION : Print to your office printers from any phone or tablet. Supports iOS and Android. Easily send documents on your smartphone through a secure channel, even through the Internet, but also PDF printing from your smartphone and secure printing with parameters to limit printing to only whitelisted company printers.


  • VIRTUAL PRINTER FOR YOUR SERVER: Replace the creation of multiple printers with only 1 simple virtual printer on the server.
  • NO PRINT DRIVERS TO INSTALL- SUPPORT ALL ENDPOINTS: Central point of management irrelevant of the endpoint and OS type. No need to install or update printer drivers on the desktops or print servers.
  • ELIMINATE PRINT SERVERS: Completely remove and no longer have to manage multiple print servers by leveraging the simple ZeePrint tool.
  • SUPPORT ANY DEVICE, ANY REMOTE DESKTOP PROTOCOL, AND ANY CLOUD: Printing support for mobile devices (iOS and Android), PCs (Windows, Linux, Mac), Protocols (RDP, Citrix ICA / HDX, Teradici PCOIP).


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