Kraftway Terminal Linux

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Kraftway Terminal Linux (KTL) is a Linux build with a set of features for organizing a thin client.

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Product Details

Kraftway Terminal Linux (KTL) is a Linux build with a set of features for organizing a thin client. All features that go beyond this scope are excluded from the distribution. This allows:

  • achieve a relatively small image size (download and flash speed)
  • make the OS image resistant to corruption (no administration packages, write protection,
  • reset recovery)
  • simplify the user interface (only what you need is left)
  • simplify setup and flashing

Thin Client configuration and test case results:

Thin Client OS: Linux
Thin Client OS version: KTL4.9
Architecture: X86

Type Test Standard Premium Test Results
Multimedia Hardware Accelaration using H265 Codec Support (Optional)       X NA
Video Conferencing on Skype for Business with HDX Real Time Optimization Pack Support       X Passed
Optimization for Microsoft Teams Support       X Not Tested
HTML5 Redirection Support       X Passed
Browser Content Redirection Support       X Passed
Windows Media Stream Redirection Support       X Passed
Security PIV Smartcard Support       X Not Tested
Citrix Workspace Enablers Citrix Cloud Services Support       X       X Not Tested
Citrix Files access and Experience Support       X       X Not Tested
Citrix Workspace App Support       X       X Passed
Citrix Workspace Support       X       X Not Tested
Access Secure SaaS and Web Application       X       X Passed
Devices Plug n Play Devices Redirection       X       X Passed
High-Definition Webcam Streaming       X       X Passed
3D Mouse Support and Redirection       X       X Not Tested
Graphics Rich Graphics Application Support       X       X Passed
Multi Monitor Support for 2D and 3D Applications       X       X Passed
Pixel Perfect Lossless Compression       X       X Passed
2D Graphics - Server Rendered Virtual Application       X       X Passed
Multimedia Video Playback - Server Rendered Windows Media Redirection       X       X Passed
Print Client Printer Test Using Citrix Universal Printer Driver       X       X Passed
General HDX Traffic Management and Monitoring with Citrix ADM 
      X       X Not Tested
Accelerated Traffic Support through Citrix SD-WAN (optional)       X       X Not Tested

*Passed: This case is fully tested by partner and has met the desired results.
*Not Tested – This test case was not executed as per partner preference. Submit your questions by clicking on the Request Information button on this page.
*NA (Not Applicable) – This test case is not applicable for this thin client because of the hardware/software or Citrix product support limitation.


Kraftway Terminal Linux is distinguished by:

  • Wide range of supported connection protocols: Citrix (XenApp, XenDesktop, Presentation Server), RDP, VNC, SSH, NX, XWindow, Web.
  • setting access rights for USB drives
  • creating connection scripts
  • assigning a connection scenario at the start of the station
  • smart card authentication support
  • Audio redirection support
  • color depth support in sessions up to 32 bits
  • Web browser with support for HTML5, Adobe Flash and Java.
  • availability of a separate startup mode for local administration
  • remote web-based management interface
  • remote group control
  • boot in EFI mode
  • work via PXE


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